May 23, 2019
Mobile boosts guest loyalty and experience

With 70% of hoteliers saying they’ve “fully embraced” mobile, a majority believe it is a “key driver of guest experience and loyalty.”

Here’s Why You’re Not Ready for the Next Big Thing in Search – Voice

Now is the time to act.
We’ve all heard the wild predictions and seen the stats about voice search. It brings to mind the mobile-first fervor we saw over the past few years – we know how that turned out.
Now that more than half of all Search traffic is happening on mobile devices and search engines are prioritizing mobile content, we have some perspective on how search behavior might change with the voice search trend. Consumers are rapidly adopting voice, and so are their devices. Airpods, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa are just a few of the gadgets making voice search a more viable way for people to interact with businesses online. And as the numbers suggest the trend is growing very rapidly. How do you plan to keep up?
The technology and strategies to help you best stay ahead of the voice search trend are readily available, yet we consistently encounter businesses that are lacking in one or more of these areas – thus the title of this article. That’s why we’ve laid out what we consider to be the most important voice search strategies in this post. Focus your efforts on these areas to stay ahead of voice.

Bobbie Singh-Allen Appointed to California Tourism Assessment Referendum Task Force
California’s tourism industry will once again decide whether to continue the California Tourism Assessment Program. The Tourism Marketing Act requires renewal by the industry every six years, and it was last renewed in 2013 with an overwhelming approval rate of 93%.
Visit California’s 25-plus-year track record of success is due in large part to maintaining industry oversight of the program. With that in mind, an industry task force will guide the 2019 Referendum. Bobbie Singh-Allen, CLIA Executive Vice President/COO has been appointed serve on the Referendum Task Force.
If you wish to offer Bobbie any comments on the California Tourism Assessment, please email them to . We appreciate your input.
New Scam: Hijacking Employee Payroll Direct Deposits
A new way of stealing employee paychecks has become more common. Criminals have figured out a way to impersonate an employee’s email and request the Human Resource or Payroll department to direct deposit their paycheck in a different account by providing a new bank routing number and account number. 
Although the theft is often uncovered relatively quickly, there is still a lag which can negatively impact the employee’s access to their money.
Sometimes the scam emails are written with grammatical or spelling errors and are easier to detect. Scammers may mimic the forms the employer uses in making these requests.
Best Prevention Practices
  • Speak to the employee or meet with them in person to get authorization to make changes in payroll deposits or other related changes.
  • Do not reply to suspicious emails so that criminals do not know if your email address is valid.
  • Educate your Human Resource and Payroll departments about the dangers of these types of scams and the proper methods for handling payroll changes.
  • Establish approved procedures for making payroll changes and follow them consistently.

Employers who receive such scam emails can report them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) .  Victims can also file a report with the IC3, or you may file a complaint on behalf of another person.

CLIA Lodging Members can call the FREE CLIA Helpline about Human Resource and other questions at 916.925.2915.
Get Your Free Human Trafficking Certification

Inhospitable to Human Trafficking: Training Workshop

These FREE workshops will empower you to make a difference in the lives of those who are exploited by equipping you with best practices to identify and report suspected trafficking incidents, prevent trafficking, and increase hotel safety. You will learn how to protect your hotel from legal risks, security risks, and reputational risks. You will also learn how to use BEST’s online training program to train all staff at your properties and discover ways to build upon your existing human trafficking training tools.

Who Should Attend: frontline supervisors and department managers, hotel owners and general managers

SB 970 was signed into law by Governor Brown. It requires Human Trafficking awareness and education for all hotel employees that may come into contact or interact with possible victims of Human Trafficking. Employees must complete this by January 1, 2020.

All attendees will receive a certification of completion by BEST at the end of the workshop.

Light Refreshments Provided
Wednesday June 12, 2018
4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
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Oakland, CA 94603

Thursday June 13, 2018
4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cal-Expo Sacramento
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Sacramento, CA 95821

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