Monday Meeting, November 30 , 2020
6:00 PM Breakout |6:30 PM Meeting

Caring Has the Gift of Making the Ordinary Special

This Monday evening we will have a noteworthy presentation by Dr. Ann Marie Kimball and her team about our World Community Service efforts.

World Community Service is the Rotary program by which a club or district in one country provides humanitarian assistance to a club in another country.

Typically the aid goes to a developing community where the Rotary project will help raise the standard of living and the quality of life. What we take for granted is often unfathomed by them.

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island has a rich history of humanitarian projects. Whether it's fighting hunger, ensuring safe drinking water, or providing medical treatment for children, we are literally changing the lives of less advantaged people around the globe. 

We leverage our funds with grants from The Rotary Foundation, as well as partnerships with other Rotary Clubs, private foundations, and even individuals. By advancing international understanding and goodwill through service, WCS reflects the heart of Rotary and provides exciting, challenging, and rewarding opportunities to Rotarians.

Join our meeting and listen to the stories of how our Club gives hope and possibilities to those who may never have had any.

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Meeting ID: 891 3804 1317
Passcode: 132481

Meeting Pre-Session

At today’s pre-meeting session Megan Premoe along with her partner Gordon - and Gus the dog - will be doing a show and tell on their van conversion project. They took the van from a shell and made it into something special.

It proves romantic camping under the stars with the comforts of home can be done well in this age of COVID.

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Helping the School Meals Program

We all miss passing the Pig at our meetings….but here’s a new way to contribute. Allen Ferris has come up with the 
Rotary Holiday Yard Sign
pictured here.

It's a 24" by 28" placard with a wireframe and fits in perfectly with our PNW landscape.

Buy one of these, and your donation goes directly to the Pig fund earmarked for the School Meals Program. 

They are only $25 each….or more if you would like to contribute.  

It’s easy. Just send a note to Allen at and say
“Send Me a Sign.”

Make out a check to the BI Rotary Trust with the note "School Meals" written in the corner. Allen will pick it up when he drops off the sign.

......or you can click the DONATE button and give the money via PayPal with a note saying "for the pig."

This year Christy Givans is utilizing her Edward Jones office as a drop-off location for Toys for Tots. If you would like to support this great cause, drop off new, unwrapped toys, for all age kids, to her office. 

The collection date goes through December 16th. The Marine Corps Reserves and volunteers will distribute toys to families in Kitsap County.

If you prefer, you can purchase a toy online and have it delivered directly to her office at the address below. 

Drop off location:
Edward Jones
435 Ericksen Ave Suite 100
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
206 780-9889

Choosing to Spend Locally Means the World to Downtown

In an effort to help the downtown merchants, your Fellowship Committee and Phil Toohey have come up with a great idea for the holidays. 

You buy a gift card…. and receive a gift card. We call it Secret Santa.
Simply send Phil a note to and say,” I’m in.” Then buy a $25 dollar gift card from a merchant on the island.
After December 7th, the date of our Holiday Meeting, you will be notified where and to whom to send the gift card. Simple and easy. 
Bring a little cheer to a fellow Rotarian while helping our Downtown Merchants. Send an email to Santa Phil today!

Keeping You Informed

Here’s an update from our always hard at work Membership Committee. Thanks, guys!

We have so many doctors and lawyers in our Club that it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The unfortunate thing, for now, is that we can’t meet all these great people in person. We will eventually, and we’re really looking forward to it.

Congratulations to our New Members!

Dr. Lisa Ericksen – Lisa is a retired physician who moved to Bainbridge this year. 
Born and raised in Illinois, she graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. She was on staff at the Mayo Clinic for 10 years. She then moved back to Minneapolis and went into private practice until she retired in 2016. 
Colleen Mriglot – Colleen grew up on a produce farm in Fife, Washington. She worked for a law firm in downtown Seattle before marrying and raising two children in Kitsap County. She now practices injury law at Sherrard, McGonagle, Tizzano & Lind on Bainbridge.

Trevor Ross – If you have ever talked with Trevor at our Pre sessions, you’ll be taken in right away by his enthusiasm and “let’s get it done” personality. Trevor is from San Francisco, as am I. His heart is now in Bainbridge. A graduate of Golden Gate University Law School with a Masters of Law in Taxation, he is now the Executive Director of the Olympic College Foundation.


Two of our valued members found it necessary, because of pressing needs and life circumstances to resign this month - Jeff Ozimek and Brett McClearnsberry. Both have expressed that they have done so with a heavy heart and look forward to volunteering at our beloved auction. 

Thank you for your service, enthusiasm, and contribution to our community. What you have done is truly without measure.

 At the Auction, Jeff will be assigned with me to indefinitely work the Curb while Brett will continue to be the furniture repair wizard.

In the Kitchen With Madhu

BI Rotarian Madhu Prakash is going to treat us to a delightful culinary experience.

Cooking Indian Cuisine

She has chosen two mouth-watering recipes to show us how to make — Vegetable Pulav for Instant Pot, the main dish, and Mango Lassi for dessert. 

Our official Rotary Wine Steward and former President of the Napa Valley Rotary, Phil Toohey has added some wine selections HERE for you to buy ahead of time.

Click here to get all the savory ingredients to cook along with Madhu.

The event is set for December 4th at 11:00 AM.
Based on your interests, experience, and time availability, you can help our Club and community by working with one of our 30 committees and subcommittees. Just click on the button below to find one that best fits and contact the Chairperson.
State Representative Tarra Simmons discussing social justice and prison reform at our last meeting.
This breakout session was definitely a fun one.
Marc Miller can't decide which kayak to take.

The finished van. Megan, Gordon and Gus camping under the stars.

Ed finds a big leaf. The little things are the most treasured.

Dick Brown's winning pumpkin looks a lot scarier now that he left it outside for a few weeks.