I hope you’ve been enjoying the beginning of summer and making up for lost time from the past year when many of us were quarantined and isolated.
The Burnsides got together for a reunion earlier this month and it was a special time with many generations of my family. Pictured are 'The Burnside Men' (minus my son, Kyle): Brandon, Adam, Kent, Dean & Brad.
As we celebrate Independence Day, we’re grateful for our nation, the liberties that we enjoy, and those who fought so hard to secure it. Have a safe and happy July 4th!

- Dean Burnside, President
Burnside reunion
Have you seen these offenders?

In our new commercials, Dean takes on Miss Quito, Cocky Roach, Mickey, and Fiery Ant to protect your home from these pests. If your home has been victimized by these heinous criminals, call or text us at (941) 412-9610 today!

In addition to our Perimeter Plus green pest control, we also offer specialty services and guaranteed solutions for a wide variety of pests common to Florida. 
We recently rented a high lift to perform a bee job at a commercial property in North Sarasota.
Have a unique pest problem?
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High Bee Job
5 Common But Dangerous Bugs to Avoid When Outdoors This Summer

The National Pest Management Association’s Chief Entomologist, Dr. Jim Fredericks, tells us what critters to look out for and how to protect ourselves so we can still get in some summer fun.
Jeremy Caudill
SWAT Technician
Michael Ford
SWAT Technician
Now that the rainy season is in full swing, you might have noticed some new bugs encroaching on your house. They look like dark, stunted caterpillars. And when you touch them, they have a tendency to roll up into a ball. While these creatures are often referred to as “sow bugs” or “pill bugs” due to their appearance and behavior, they are not insects at all.

Forecasters are predicting another overly active season this year. The “average” season was just updated to 14 named storms and 7 hurricanes. Along with being prepared for high winds, rain, flood damage and potential loss of power and water for a few days to a few weeks, you should know hurricane season also brings… well, more bugs.
Adorable mini-pie goodness!
I mean, what’s better than a single-serving pie? Make one kind or mix it up with different berry fillings (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry) and styles of crusts (regular, lattice, crumb).

After the pandemic put many of Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties’ annual Fourth of July festivities on hold, they’re returning in full force this year. Whether it’s festivals, concerts, parades, dining or fireworks displays, here are local events taking place this Fourth of July.

Happy July 4