Making Weave Even More Dynamic:
Filtering and Sorting in Weave

With every sprint release, we're aiming to make Weave more and more dynamic. 

Many of you have told us things like "I wish I could filter the items in a Speedboat forum to only show anchors or to only show items created by Jenny".  

Well, we're excited to share that it's now possible with Weave's new List View which features a bunch of awesome enhancements:

  • Horizontal scrolling - No more ever shrinking columns when new columns are added
  • Filtering - Users have per-column filtering as well as a global search field which filters across columns
  • Hiding/Showing - Columns can be hidden or shown
  • Reordering - Columns can be reordered
  • Bulk Actions - Users can select multiple items to delete or change item types

This incredible new feature will be a building block for new post-processing and data integration features.  Stay tuned for more on this front.

Check it out below and log into Weave to give it a try - we'd love to hear what you think!