Addressing the Complex Needs of Children & Families
From the University of Montana's Center for  
Children, Families, and Workforce Development
Issue 11, November 2018
Montana's Native Veterans Return Home
Montana should take great pride in knowing that it leads the nation in the number of citizens per capita who serve in the military. This honor also comes with a set of responsibilities for civilians as families, health care providers, and community members assist veterans in transitioning back into their former lives following deployment. Montana's Native veterans often encounter greater obstacles returning home and receiving professional help; living greater distances from veterans' hospitals and having fewer health care options available to them in reservation communities. Fortunately, many Native veterans are welcomed back into their communities through traditional ceremonies that formally honors their service and recognizes the sacrifices they have made.  
This month's Montana Minute describes some of the challenges that Native veterans confront when returning home and highlights the significant role that their communities play in helping them to transition back into their former lives.    
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Featured Podcast

Native Veterans Welcomed Home

Native veterans experience unique challenges when transitioning back to their communities following deployment. Two of Montana's Native veterans share their experiences of coming home from deployment; one from Vietnam and another from the Middle East.



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