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Making an Impact:
Experiences from New Hope Youth Program Assistants
Think there's only one type of person that can mentor youth? Think again! Supporting student success takes all backgrounds, all personalities, and all college majors. Each Tutor-Mentor brings their own unique self to the role - Meet the four New Hope work study students who incorporate their youth work into their varied career goals!
Lend a Hand
Help Beautify New Hope! 
Part of a group that volunteers? PPL is always looking for groups to help with housing improvement projects such as painting, landscaping, minor repairs, or clean-up. 

Contact Elle at 612-455-5214 / elle.janss@ppl-inc.org
High Fives!
Congratulations to Jessica Adolph on her 7 years volunteering with PPL youth programs in New Hope! Jessica was recognized as an outstanding volunteer at the HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteer Expo last month held at the Mall of America. Click here to read more! 
Summer Volunteers Needed!
Explore Books, Nature, and New Hope with PPL Explorers this summer!
Literacy Tutor-Mentors: Mon & Wed, 5:30-7:30pm
Enrichment Volunteers: Tue, 2:30-5:30pm 
Talk About It!
We've seen them - the moment you have when you realize what a difference you're making as you volunteer at PPL. Share those stories with us on social media and we'll share them in our next newsletter!
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Thank you for making an impact in our community through PPL. 
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