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July/August 2019

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Talk at Stasnford
Sue McCollum talking about the My Blue Dots pin program
Radiation/ Oncology Department at the    
Stanford University School of Medicine

Message from
               Sue McCollum

    This June I had the opportunity to share with the Stanford Radiation/Oncology Department the history of My Blue Dots. I also spoke about the My Blue Dots Pin Program that is now in place in the Radiation/Oncology Department at Stanford. 
    The Doctors, Nurse Coordinators, Radiation Therapists and Clinical Therapists were there to hear about the mission and vision of My Blue Dots. We also discussed the power of the symbol of the Standing With You pin that all of the staff wears to let the patients know they are not along on their journey but we are all standing with them.
     We also discussed the My Blue Dots Gold Pin that is given to their patient to wear as a badge of honor. Then, with family and friends  they  Ring The Bell celebrating the end of their treatments. 
     We honor all of the staff as they not only have a job but have the opportunity to Make a Difference in another life during a challenging time. 
Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
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Talk at Stanford

Sue McCollum speaking to the Radiation/Oncology Department 
Stanford School of Medicine

Items on display during the event

Stanford talk

Dr. Dan Chang, MD talking about the My Blue Dots Pin Program
and Sue McCollum's long connection with the Radiation/Oncology Department at Stanford University Medical Center

Photo of the My Blue Dot Gold Pin given at the end of the radiation treatments to honor the patients.

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