November 27, 2018
Dear Friend,

Every year we see that the ministries of STR are making a bigger impact in the lives of teens and young adults. God has impressed on the hearts of some long-time staff to commit to the year-around mentoring of the young people who help staff summer camp weeks. Pictured here are some of those youth giving summer testimonies of God’s work in their lives and those they are ministering to. The young men speak of a strong brotherhood and the young ladies of their encouragement. 
The young men speak
of a strong brotherhood
and the young ladies
of their encouragement.
Then during the year, these young people “Circle Up” at the lake or in the barn to keep the encouragement and growth going. Games, service projects, worship, challenges from Pastor Willis and Coach Ed, food, more worship, goofiness, equine team exercises, more worship – wow do they love to worship! If you are discouraged about the direction of today’s youth, join us in making a difference.
Two little boys in foster care, full of excitement to be at camp.
The same two boys back as junior leaders, still growing under the shepherding at STR.
Two teen girls told about how they learned that the other girls in their group had also lost a family member due to drug overdose. Being able to share their anger, anxiety and grief with others who really understood helped them “no longer feel alone”. “Strong Tower Ranch made me feel comfortable and safe to share my story.” “I found older brother figures here who helped fill the void with missing my brother.”
We thank God for the privilege of influencing young people. We have an opportunity to make an even bigger impact but we need faithful monthly supporters.
Would you ask the Lord to show you an amount you could commit every month for the next 1-3 years? Our future development is dependent on knowing we have a solid base of support.
Thank you for loving these kids through us, and often through your personal involvement. There’s nothing in life more important!
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