At Partners In Learning we understand that support just doesn't end in the classroom. Support is often needed inside the home as well. That is why we believe it is critical to have a whole child/family approach to learning. Our Family Support Services are available to all families in our community. With the Eddings Family we were able to provided individualized education in the classroom as well as support in the home.

 "Since completing Triple P with Partner's in Learning our lives have changed tremendously. We found the skills we needed to make our lives run smoothly. We learned techniques to handle life when things weren't running smoothly. Our son, who is four, was having behavior problems prior to Triple P which trickled into home problems for us all. We definitely recommend Triple P to anyone in need of guidance, support in a judge free zone. Parenting is hard, it comes with no guide book but Partner's in Learning staff are amazing and truly want to help."

The Eddings 

We are making a difference one parent, one child, one family, at a time!