Bold Leadership Focused on Mission Impact
We're Inspired
We received 52 Letters of Interest for our 2021 Annual Grants
Our Grants Committee is carefully reviewing each one.
We’re highlighting key areas that we know will help us maximize our mission impact:
  • We fund statewide. This year we received applications proposing to reach women and girls in fifteen of sixteen counties, with over 42% of proposals seeking to work statewide. The highest number of county submissions come from Cumberland County (25%) and Washington County (21%).
  • We fund in six priority areas. Education (50% of proposals) is always the most popular priority area as it has the broadest definition, followed by Personal Safety (19%) and Leadership (17%).
  • We reach women and girls of all ages. Applicants are reaching the entire age spectrum. Girls are being served by 65% of applicants, women ages 18 - 64 by 87% of applicants, and women 65 and over by 52% of applicants.
  • We learn and grow, supporting new work and new organizations each year. We always adapt our work to meet the changing needs of women and girls across the state. This year, almost 1/3 of LOIs came from first-time applicants.
We are heartbroken to share the passing last week of our Board Member, Chair of our Grants Committee, and friend, Candace C. Walworth, M.D. For the last seven years we have been the beneficiary of Candace's talents, time, fundraising, and networking. She passionately led our work to reach our mission-driven goals. She left us a powerful legacy that will continue to transform the lives of women and girls for generations to come.
We will keep building on Candace's commitment to and advancement of the Maine Women's Fund mission: to make BOLD investments that transform the lives of Maine women and girls as the annual grants program moves forward.