Life Choices - February 2017
Making an impact!
IMPACT! 2017

It was called "Let's Talk a Latte" and that we did!!  IMPACT! 2017 made an impact! We had about 150 attendees from all over the Kentuckiana region, representing several churches and other community organizations. The event provided clarity to women of all ages as to God's plan for dating and intimacy...

Jumping Saves Lives!

Sayers Academy is serious about saving lives.  Each year for 13 years Sayers has hosted a jump rope-a-thon to raise money for A Woman's Choice Resource Center...
Donor Spotlight: God is Moving !

At the beginning of this year, we started praying about what to do with two vehicles we had. Should we sell them, donate them, give them to a family member or friend? The Lord brought Necole's Place to our minds and hearts...

Showing God's Love
For several years Susan Rennie has brought her 6th grade class from Christian Academy to serve at Necole's Place on Valentine's Day...

Prayer and Praise

We are Praising and Thanking God for:
  • Love Thy Neighborhood has provided us with 3 fantastic interns 
  • New community partnerships 
  • One of our clients received a $500 artist scholarship! 
  • Saved babies!!!!

We ask Prayers for:
  • Protection and healing from illness for all staff  
  • Grace, peace, and perseverance for staff who serve in a very hostile sidewalk environment
  • Clients dealing with catastrophic grief (death of mother from HIV, stillborn baby due to cord wrapped around neck, son's 14-year old friend committing suicide)
  • Clients who have chosen life for their baby yet still struggle with that decision
  • Favor for clients seeking employment with past felonies  
  • Safe, affordable housing for our clients in need

A Woman's Choice Resource Center