Making an Impact
October 2019 - Volume 7 - Issue 1

Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian

In 2018, an estimated 6,227 pedestrians died in the United States,  according to the Governors Highway Safety Association – the highest total number of pedestrian fatalities since 1990. Pedestrian fatalities increased by 35 percent between 2008 and 2017, while other traffic fatalities decreased by six percent. The  Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian  (STEP) program promotes proven countermeasures at pedestrian crossings to reduce growing numbers of pedestrian fatalities.
The seven countermeasures include: crosswalk visibility enhancements, raised crosswalks, refuge islands, Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons (RRFBs), Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHBs), Road Diets, and Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs).
Over the next four weeks, we will look at four features of implementing STEP. They include the system— considering all pedestrian crossings and the risk factors that contribute to crashes and fatalities; the tools—countermeasures selected to increase pedestrian safety at a given location; evaluation—verified results in areas implementing STEP can lead to further implementation, and people—partnerships formed between agencies and the integration of law enforcement and public education into your pedestrian safety efforts.
Clackamas County Drive with a Cop
Clackamas County Sheriff's department put on its annual "Drive with a Cop" day at Portland International Raceway, pairing teens with police officers for training emphasizing safety. Your Oregon Impact team was there to talk to parents about ways to keep their teens safe and to show teens the affects of driving intoxicated and distracted.
Portland, ORE. – “Mom, Dad, can I have the keys?” This can be one of the scariest phrases to parents of a teenage driver. Thoughts of your teenager behind the wheel can make you feel worried, excited and anxious. AAA empowers parents to get involved with their teens′ learning-to-drive process with the launch of its new teen driver safety website, . The website is being launched to coincide with National Teen Driver Safety Week, which runs Oct. 17 through 23.
There′s so much information about teen driving that it can be difficult to find clear answers to your questions and concerns. At , you′ll find useful information and recommendations for every step of the way. We′ll help you understand the facts and risks related to your teen getting behind the wheel. The interactive site provides users with specific information based on where they live and where they are in the learning process – from preparing to drive (pre-permit) through the learner′s permit and solo driving.
“Having parents involved is critical in developing safe and prepared teen drivers,” says AAA Oregon/Idaho Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds. “As a parent of a teen driver, you can make a huge difference in keeping your teen safe behind the wheel. Research shows that teens value the opinions of their parents, even if it doesn′t always seem like it! That′s why understanding the facts and risks associated with teen driving, and sharing your knowledge with your teen are so important as your teen starts to drive.”
As you may know, the Gervais Police Department is co-hosting D.A.R.E. Officer Training at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. This class will be held from Monday, January 13th to Friday, January 24th, 2020. The best news of all is this training is tuition  free . Furthermore, if you are staying at the academy, the lodging may also be  free

This is a great time to let others know about this training as well. If they start a new D.A.R.E. program, then D.A.R.E. America will provide  free  workbooks for the first year. This reduces the costs for the agency and helps with new program implementation. There is still more good news: The new D.A.R.E. program is “ keepin’ it REAL !” 

Keepin’ it REAL  is on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices. 
Keepin’ it REAL  meets national Common Core educational standards. 
Keepin’ it REAL  offers multiple years of intervention (Elementary, Middle, and
High School).
The Curricula is comprehensive and includes: responding to bullying, internet safety, teen
suicide prevention and more.

Please take a look at the attached training announcement. Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to h-e-l-p!

Thank you,
Ofc. Craig Seibel
Oregon D.A.R.E. Coordinator
Gervais Police Department
592 4th Street / PO Box 329
Gervais OR 97026 


WHAT:             D.A.R.E. Officer Training (DOT)
WHEN:             Monday, January 13 to Friday, January 24, 2020

WHERE:           The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
4190 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97317
WHO:                This is the initial two week, 80 hour course for all Police Officers, Deputies, and
                 School Resource Officers to be certified to teach the new D.A.R.E. program
known as keepin' it REAL!

COST:              This training is TUITION FREE!
LODGING:         Lodging is available at D.P.S.S.T. at no cost for anyone who lives more than
75 miles away from the training site

CONTACT:        For more information or to register please contact Dennis Osborn, Western
Region Director for D.A.R.E America.
Phone: (424)227-2346
This is the only D.A.R.E. Officer Training course offered in the Pacific Northwest. D.A.R.E. America is helping to pay for this course. It is the most affordable training available for your agency. Please do not wait to register for this class as space is limited.

Car Seat Check Up Events

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11/12/2019 8:30am - 11:00am
11/14/2019 4:00pm - 6:00pm
11/16/2019 8:45am - 2:15pm
11/16/2019 9:00am - 11:30am
11/16/2019 11:00am - 2:00pm
11/18/2019 11:30am - 2:30pm
11/23/2019 10:00am - 12:30pm
11/28/2019 4:00pm - 6:00pm

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