Making it Easy for You and Your Horse
A workshop blending TTouch® and Feldenkrais®
The Feldenkrais and Tellington TTouch Methods, using awareness, movement, and touch, open doors to comfort, freedom and power, working at levels below our consciousness. They bring benefits to the well-being of the whole person - human or horse - by influencing both physical and mental/emotional realms.
In this workshop we will experience and enjoy the effects of these modalities within ourselves and then learn ways to share them with horses. We will move back and forth between work with ourselves - Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM’s) 'exercises' while standing, seated, or lying down, and TTouches on ourselves or each other - and work with the horses.

Participants can come for themselves or for their horses. The structure of the course adapts to both. For this reason, Edie Jane enjoys learning of your particular interest before the workshop and welcomes you to contact her. Although you may be able to bring your horse, it is not necessary to do so to learn the techniques. You will still have hands-on experience.

Here’s comment from a recent student about their personal experience after attending the course:
“My first bikram flow yoga session today was amazing, the fluidity and flexibility amazed me. I thought I would be tight after not stretching for a week!! Backbends exceeded my wildest imagination and I smoothly transitioned like never before.”
Others report similar changes in their horses, resulting in better performance or a more accommodating attitude. The overriding experience is a deepening of their relationship with their horse.

A delighted surprise about unexpected changes is common - with horses as well as humans. It’s an added bonus, and an example of the fact that though we may wish to improve, our wish is nothing compared to the innate desire within every nervous system to function well, and it's ability to take every opportunity to achieve it!

Workshops sometimes offer a two day weekend option as well as an additional third day, which is a more in-depth look focussed on the specific individual issues and interests of the participants.

Come and be surprised, and discover how to Make it Easy - for you and your horse!
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