'Making it Easy' 
A workshop blending Feldenkrais® and
TTouch for You® 
TTouch instructor and Feldenkrais Practitioner
Edie Jane Eaton 


* Was there a time when you moved with greater ease than you do now?
* Are you recovering from injury or surgery? 
* Are you learning to live with nagging discomfort?  * Have you had to give up an activity you once loved - dancing, walking, or doing cartwheels? 
* Is that perfect tennis serve/golf swing/swimming stroke eluding you?  
* Are you fearful about beginning a painful aging process?  
Could it be possible that  
things could be better?
Come to find out! 
Workshop participants are usually a mix of those wanting to resolve their own concerns, and/or are caregivers who want to add to their skills. As well as learning techniques to support your own well-being, you will learn how you can help others.   
During the workshop we will discover which of our postures and movements are easy and comfortable, and which cause distress. We listen for and learn to identify those whispers within ourselves that say "ow!" or "aaahhh", so that we can use them to guide us to easier ways of being.
Through simple yet powerful and profound Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, we will explore new and varied possibilities of posture and movement, knowing that our vastly intelligent nervous system can make choices that will free us from less functional habits. (If we don't think we can get our brains around this concept it doesn't matter. It's our nervous systems that are learning!)
Healthcare book
Through ATM lessons we can address stiffness, discomfort, or dysfunction, and with the intent and focus of TTouch For You® techniques we'll explore TTouch
and bodywraps, and learn how to address some specific health care needs.

Both Feldenkrais and TTouch offer such a generous range of applications that we can easily vary the content to reflect the participants' experience and interests. If you want more information about what to expect please contact me at ediejane@gmail.com

Join us at a workshop to
TT4You, hair slide
gain an appreciation of how things might indeed be better - "one TTouch at a time" and, to quote Moshe Feldenkrais, by making "the impossible, possible; the possible, easy; and the easy, elegant."

Edie Jane

P.S. Prior experience of Feldenkrais or TTouch is not required.