Announcement from the Disaster Preparedness Team
Meet the team...
January 2, 2018

Clergy and wardens,

We are your WMA Disaster Preparedness Team! We have been commissioned by the bishop to bring the work of the US Disaster Program at Episcopal Relief & Development to the fore in our diocese. Part of that work involves more direct communications, sharing best practices on disaster preparedness, offering guidance on pastoral support in the event of a disaster, (natural or a tragedy of human origin), and pointing back to the resources that our Church has made available.

W e have begun to communicate how to help after a disaster (Harvey, Irma, Maria & Jose). We have added some info and resource s to our diocesan website. Below you will see some resources for internal communications in a disaster and some resources to increase awareness of potential violence in the Sunday assembly. Part of our next Clergy Day will be spent on disaster preparedness and pastoral care. We look forward to seeing you there, and to a continuing conversation amongst us all.

A blessed and safe New Year,

Pat+, Janice+, Steve and Vicki+
The Rev. Patrick Perkins
Rector, St. Francis', Holden

The Rev. Janice Ford
Rector, Reconciliation, Webster

Canon Steve Abdow
Diocesan Disaster Coordinator

The Rev. Vicki Ix
Communications Director | Missioner
Internal communications pointers in the event of emergencies or disasters affecting the parish or local community
1. Have a designated point person.
2. Assemble a team. Even two people constitute a team.
3. Communications can be in the form of email, phone calls, and social media.
4. Contact parishioners:
a. To check on their safety
b. To keep them informed
c. To recruit volunteers
5. Keep home and cell phone numbers and email addresses updated in your membership
software. This list should be accessible by a few key people.
6. Pay particular attention to the homebound and the elderly
7. Have a list of local emergency resources
Materials related to church shooting in TX
[ Listen to the Rev. Pat Perkins talk about church safety on]
[Read: Active Shooter FAQ Sheet deom]

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