Dear District 2 neighbors, 

I am so proud to represent you! In light of recent violent events and divisive messages, seeing you all join together as a community makes such a difference! My team and I value our time joining you all at neighborhood meetings and events, but one of the biggest gatherings this summer was National Night Out on Tuesday, August 6.

From driveway parties to local parks to the Hayes Mansion — National Night Out was energetic and thrilling! Thank you to the kids, adults, pets, and neighbors of all ages who brought our 20+ District 2 events alive. It was my pleasure to join you and our public safety agencies to promote stronger neighborhoods and fight against crime.

Though we are just a piece of South San Jose, we are proving to the larger community -- and even the nation -- that we are united. We are strengthening relationships we already have while fostering new ones as we meet new faces. We come from different heritages, backgrounds, and life stages, but we know we can all find a safe and fun space when we activate it together. BBQs, ice cream, magicians, music, dance parties, chalk art contests, jumpy houses, face painting, crafts, resource tables, raffle prizes, basketball games, giant lawn games, and of course appearances from our local public safety agencies made this year's National Night Out one to remember.

Thank you, organizers, for leading by example. Thank you, everyone I had the honor of spending time with, for the welcoming hugs, laughs, and encouragement.

My team and I look forward to seeing you and collaborating with you. Together, let's continue making our slice of San José a wonderful place to live, work, and play.
In community,

Sergio Jimenez
D2 News: Updates & Accomplishments
Protecting low-income residents by prohibiting landlords from discriminating against renters with subsidies

On Tuesday, August 13, the City of San Jose passed an ordinance to address the ongoing problem of discrimination against tenants with rental assistance subsidies who apply for rental housing. The Housing Payment Equality Ordinance will enhance housing stability for tenants by providing increased access to housing options for low-income residents who receive rental assistance subsidies by prohibiting landlords from:

- Imposing different terms or conditions on tenants with rental subsidies compared to those without rental subsidies;
- Advertising that housing vouchers are not accepted;
- Using a financial or income standard that is not based upon the portion of rent to be paid by the tenant;
- Refusing to initiate renting to tenants with rental subsidies or terminating an existing tenancy because of rental subsidies.

A landlord in violation of the ordinance may receive an initial warning or administrative citation, and repeat violators may be subject to civil action in Superior Court. The City will invest time and resources in educating landlords on housing subsidy programs and explore incentives to increase units available for low income voucher holders.

Although I am disappointed that this ordinance will not take effect immediately, I am pleased that it will make a positive impact beginning six months from now.

This ordinance is one more tool to protect low-income tenants and keep families, seniors and vulnerable populations housed. As we all know, an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As a City, we need to do everything in our power to prevent homelessness -- and this is a crucial step.

For more information on this ordinance, please visit the City's website.
Viva Parks events in District 2: Transforming our parks by bringing free activities, movies & food to the community all summer long

Spending quality time with your family is invaluable. So why not bring the unforgettably fun summer nights outdoors, with other neighbors, at our shared neighborhood backyards (our local parks)? During every budget season when the City Council decides how to spend public money, I propose at least $49,000 in funds for Viva Parks to activate our District 2 parks for the community.
WHAT ARE VIVA PARKS EVENTS? FREE games, movies (select dates), food (select dates) and other events focused on health and wellness resources, physical activity, and community engagement as we unite our neighbors at local City parks. Activities include: resource fairs, inflatable obstacle courses, jumpers, climbing walls, soccer zorbs, lifesize hamster balls, sumo suits, giant lawn games, face painting, henna, arts and crafts, yoga, and more.
Information and FAQ's on the City's website about Broadband Strategy and Small Cell Deployment:

Contact the City for more information:

Contact AT&T for information about small cell projects:
1-800-678-1169 Ext. 2084

For your information: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) preempts cities from denying any small cell permit based on the environmental effects of radio frequencies under Section 332(c)(7) of the Communications Act. To learn more, please see the FAQ's on the City website:
A Look at More Community Stories
We proudly recognized and presented a commendation to Southside Community Center recreation leaders Tiffany and Tyler, who responded bravely to save the life of an 11-day infant. Thank you for your courage and responsiveness!
I was honored to support the family of Robert Lavin for his Memorial Ride along with my colleagues. The City has made great progress towards Vision Zero , but there is still work to be done. Help us move forward towards our goal of zero deaths for riders and pedestrians.
A big thank you to Stephani Rideau and the Hellyer-Christopher Neighborhood Association for adopting Melody Park, cleaning it up, and restoring the sign. This is one of many cleanups that keep our local parks safe and beautiful for the greater community.

Want to get involved in your own Neighborhood Association (N.A.)? View the interactive map of D2 N.A's on my website to find your N.A. or work with my office to start a N.A. in your area!
I spent a festive and fun 4th of July with the Blossom Valley neighborhood at Miner Park! It brings me joy to see District 2 residents not only take advantage of our local community parks, but also bring together their neighbors and loved ones for a safe and enjoyable day.
D2 and You: Upcoming Events

Who enjoys live jazz? How about FREE live jazz, right in your neighborhood's backyard, with other community members on a nice summer evening?

Picture also: a transformed Coronado Ave., an action-packed festival, no cars, hundreds of community members, fun games, engaging resource tables, lots of raffle prizes, and live performances (thank you San Jose Jazz's Boom Box stage)!

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues -- everyone is welcome!

If you're as excited as I am, watch this video to get a taste of this year's event:
For Your Information
Equipping our City to practice energy resiliency: What you need to know about PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs

You may have heard, starting this summer PG&E can de-energize (or shut off) power to their distribution and transmission lines to prevent their equipment from starting wildfires, also called PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).

The City of San José has formed a task force with the Office of Emergency Management, Community Energy Department, Fire, Public Works, and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services to prepare for PSPS events, assess and plan City response during an event, and coordinate with PG&E, the County of Santa Clara, and other stakeholders.

One or more PSPS events   could happen in San José  , and power outages could last   seven days  . Public Works is coordinating with departments to determine their backup power needs and capacity.   In the meantime, here is what you need to know about preparing yourself and your family for a multi-day power outage.

Why San José could be affected

Even though much of San José is urban, parts or all of the city could be affected because transmission and distribution lines powering San José are located in areas the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has designated as extreme and elevated fire-threat. In addition, if high voltage transmission lines are de-energized, the interconnected nature of the grid could result in a cascading effect that causes other transmission lines and distribution lines – potentially far from the original fire-risk areas – to also be de-energized, potentially resulting in a   regional   power outage.

How you can prepare and stay safe

  1. Sign up to receive power shutoff notifications from PG&E or make sure your contact info is up-to-date by visiting or calling PG&E at 1-866-743-6589.
  2. Prepare an emergency kit that will last at least 5 days with the following items:
  • Water – water treatment and/or pumping may not work in a power outage, so have adequate water supplies on hand. Store at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person and each pet:
  • Food – have enough non-perishable food on hand and be aware of PG&E and USDA food safety tips regarding refrigerated and frozen food:
  • Fully stocked freezers usually keep food frozen for two days after losing power (if not repeatedly opened).
  • Half-full freezers usually keep food frozen for about one day (if not repeatedly opened).
  • Refrigerators usually keep food cold for up to four hours if the door remains unopened.
  • Keep an appliance thermometer in the refrigerator and freezer. If the food still contains ice crystals or is at 40oF or below, the food is safe.
  • When in doubt, throw it out.
  • Radio – during a power outage, cell phone service is not guaranteed. Having a radio (battery-powered, solar-powered, or hand crank) will ensure you can access notifications and safety information
  • First aid and medication – account for all first aid and medication needs, including medication that has to be refrigerated
  • Sanitary wipes or hand sanitizer – tap water may not be safe during an outage
  • Batteries – multiple types to power flashlights, radios, and other emergency equipment
  • Flashlight and fans – get solar or battery powered flashlights or lanterns.
  • Phone charger – solar-powered phone chargers or portable batteries
  • Method for food preparation – get a manual can-opener, or if you have a barbeque, prepare extra charcoal or propane for cooking
  • N95 masks – during an outage, generator usage will increase, resulting in increased local air pollution
3. Consider backup power sources:
  1. If you have a generator, please keep your family safe by following safety tips. Do not operate it inside or near dry fuel, such as on top of grass. Prior to an outage, check to make sure it’s functioning on a regular basis. Have fuel on hand as gas stations may not work.
  2. Solar panels will not work during an outage unless you have a special inverter or battery storage.
4. Prepare and practice an  emergency plan  that accounts for all family members and pets:
  • Cash on hand – ATMs may not work during an outage
  • Full tank of gas in your car – gas stations may not work during an outage
  • Phone numbers – write down key phone numbers in case your cell phone runs out of power. California law requires landlines to have at least a few hours of backup power.
  • 911 – call 911 only for emergencies, not to get information
  • Garage door – know how to open it manually
  • If you live in an apartment or condo: talk with your building manager if you live or work in a building that has elevators or electronic key card access to understand how they will deal with a possible multi-day outage.
  • Family reunification – establish a meet up point in case of no cell reception
  • Shelter in place – officials will likely ask you to shelter in place if you can. Note that traffic signals will not work, resulting in congested traffic
5. During an outage
  1. Unplug or turn off appliances, equipment and electronics to avoid damage caused by surges when the power is restored
  2. Leave a single lamp on to alert you when the power returns. Then, turn your appliances on, one at a time
  3. Do not use a gas stove for heat
  4. Check the status of the outage at or by listening to the radio. PG&E has said it will send customers updates. Follow @CityofSanJose on Twitter, Facebook, or Nextdoor for secondary notifications.

For more information, read more about PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs at   or   San José Clean Energy  . For questions, please contact Jay McAmis, Office  of Emergency Management Deputy Director, at 408-794-7043 or .

On Tuesday, June 11, I, along with my colleagues Mayor Sam Liccardo, Vice Mayor Chappie Jones and Councilmembers Raul Peralez and Pam Foley asked city officials to study how San Jose can notify residents quickly and mitigate the impact of blackouts. As California’s wildfire season begins once again, the state’s Public Utilities Commission updated its guidelines for allowing companies like PG&E to conduct Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

We have asked city officials to schedule a study session this fall where they will explore:

  • Quickly notifying residents, especially those using energy-dependent medical devices, senior citizens and non-English speakers, as soon as officials learn that PG&E is turning the power off.
  • Making investments in energy storage, fuel cells and backup generators that could provide power to hospitals, emergency responders or the airport.
  • Making investments in micro-grids for longer term power solutions.
  • Identifying other alternatives to PG&E, such as forming a publicly-owned utility district or purchasing PG&E distribution assets.
  • Coordinating with the county and other relevant agencies to protect vulnerable populations, such as dialysis patients and senior citizens who may need air conditioning on hot days.
  • Assessing next steps, like ballot measures, state grants and bond issuances, that will help San Jose become more energy resilient.

Upcoming Caltrain Business Plan Community Meeting

A message from Caltrain:

We recently announced our draft staff recommendation for the Caltrain Business Plan long range service vision. During a live YouTube Town Hall event, Caltrain staff highlighted the improvements in service, capacity and connectivity that the vision entails. The service vison aims to ensure that Caltrain can continue to provide the greatest value possible to its riders and the Bay Area well into the future.

As we continue to receive feedback on the proposal, we will be conducting multiple public meetings and wanted to make you aware of them. If you could help spread to your networks, that would be very much appreciated. Below is a schedule of the public community meetings and HERE is a link to the other public meetings including station pop-ups and an onboard Q&A session.

Date/Time: August 29, 6:00 p.m
Location: Caltrain HQ - 1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070 - 2nd Floor Auditorium

Phone: 650-508-6499
High Speed Rail Update for Northern California Region

The California High-Speed Rail Authority is releasing the staff recommendations for the State’s Preferred Alternatives for the high-speed rail routes in Northern California. The Authority has launched a comprehensive outreach campaign through the summer to gather feedback from the public on the staff recommendations for the Authority Board of Directors to consider in making their decisions in September. Major outreach events will include several community working group meetings in July, and six public open houses in August. Input received from the public regarding these routes will be presented to the Authority’s Board of Directors in September for consideration along with the staff recommendations.

In the San Jose to Merced project section, Authority staff recommends Alternative 4 as the State’s Preferred Alternative. Alternative 4 utilizes a blended configuration between San Jose and Gilroy in the existing Union Pacific Railroad corridor before continuing to a dedicated high-speed rail alignment through Pacheco Pass.

Additionally, click below for more information on the following:

U.S. Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks the Citizenship Question in the 2020 Census

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision rejecting the Department of Commerce’s reasons for adding a question to the 2020 Census that asks about a person’s citizenship status. The ruling in the United States Department of Commerce v New York represents a temporary victory for the City of San Jose, and other cities and states, that have been fighting to prevent the inclusion of the citizenship question on the census survey because of serious concerns that it would suppress participation, and consequently the accuracy of the census count. The City will continue to monitor this case and take all necessary legal means to protect the rights and privacy of San Jose residents to ensure that everyone living in San Jose is counted.
San José Clean Energy (SJCE) became a new electricity generation provider in February 2019, bringing cleaner energy at lower rates than PG&E to San José residents and businesses. SJCE’s lower rates save customers over $3 million annually!

With summer in full swing, some residents have expressed concerns with higher electricity bills. Please keep the following information in mind:

1.        Cheaper Rates - SJCE’s rates for its default GreenSource service remain 1% lower than PG&E (including PG&E added fees). Even though summer bills tend to be higher, customers save money by staying with SJCE over PG&E for generation service.
2.        Summer Bills - Electricity rates are higher in the summer than winter. That, combined with higher usage of energy-intensive air conditioning, leads to higher bills. Check page 1 of your bill to see your monthly usage, and get your FREE energy saving kit from BayRen (up to $70 value!) to lower your energy usage.
3.        PG&E Rate Changes - PG&E has changed its rates three times this year. They have also made a request to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to increase rates by 6.4% in 2020. That is an extra $10.57 a month for the average customer. Learn more about the proposed increases
4.        Generation & Distribution - Your electricity service is split into two parts: generation (the source of the electricity) and delivery (how that gets to your home). Generation is provided by SJCE or PG&E. Delivery is provided only by PG&E, so everyone pays the PG&E delivery charge, even if they’ve opted out of SJCE. 

For more information and resources, please visit .
Safe Parking Pilot Program provides a safe place to sleep for people living in their vehicles

People deserve a safe environment to sleep in. In 2019, over 6,000 people were counted as experiencing homelessness in San José on any given night and over 1,000 of them sleep in their vehicles.

On May 15, 2019, the City of San Jose opened a Safe & Supportive Parking program at Southside Community Center to provide a space where homeless families living in their vehicles can park and sleep overnight. The program is overseen by the nonprofit  Life Moves, which is responsible for providing services, security, trash disposal, and more at the designated Safe Parking sites. The organization will also help families find jobs and housing.

Through this program, we are taking steps to ensure a sense of stability for families and individuals living in their cars as we address our city’s homeless crisis.

If you know anyone who could benefit from the Safe & Supportive Parking program, please email or call 669-238-6193 for more information about resources and program eligibility.

About the Ordinance and how you can get involved: The City of San José developed a Safe Parking Ordinance that allows private property owners to designate their parking areas in places of assembly for safe parking. The ordinance approved by City Council in February 2019 included amendments to the Municipal Code, specifically to Title 20 of the San José Municipal Code (Zoning Code). The property owner does not need to obtain a permit and may design operations from hours, type of vehicles, and target population. If you are a property owner and interested in partnering with the City of San José on this important endeavor, please contact Lorena Diez with the City of San José’s Homelessness Response Team at (408) 975-4456 or for more information.
How you can help keep our community safe and clean

See blight or homelessness in your neighborhood or around San José? Report it to the appropriate agency. All reporting is tracked at each agency and forwarded to the appropriate response team for action.

Union Pacific (usually the property around the railroad tracks)
Submit complaints regarding the Union Pacific Railroad to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Complaints regarding train noise or encampments can be submitted to their office directly by constituents either by sending an email to or by phone to 916-414-2315.

Caltrans (usually property surrounding / adjacent to freeways and highways)
Fill out a Maintenance Service Request (MSR): 

Homeless Concerns (on City of San Jose property)

MySanJose App - request services on City property
Download the app to your smartphone!

Schedule a FREE Large Item pick up , right in front of your home
Visit the San Jose Free Junk Pick Up website to learn more and schedule your free appointment:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office for support in contacting these agencies and departments: (408) 535-4902 |
Recycle Right! Learn about recycling and disposal options and tips for your waste

The City of San José Environmental Services Department is excited to announce the launch of , a website designed to makes it easier than ever for San José residents to Recycle Right !

Website users can search for local recycling and disposal options for over 250 items using desktop or mobile devices. The website helps residents learn how to Recycle Right and provides the latest waste reduction news and tips. Everything from reducing junk mail quickly to properly disposing of food scraps can be found on the website.

Please help us to spread the news and share with your community.

Need to report abandoned vehicles, street light outages, and more? Use MySanJose: Our quick & easy tool to request City services

Want to get that pothole or street light fixed? Need to report graffiti, illegal dumping or an abandoned vehicle? Have a different question for the City? With the new state-of-the-art MySanJose  app  and  website , it is now a breeze to file and track a City service request or reach one of our customer representatives. It is super easy to use – see our zippy  tutorial

Download the MySanJose app today:
Please don't leave your large items on the side of the road. It's easy & FREE to get rid of your junk!

San José residents can schedule FREE appointments to have large items (such as mattresses, sofas, refrigerators, tires, and  more ) picked up by their recycling collection company. 

Visit the San José Free Junk Pick Up website to schedule your free appointment today!

Thank you for keeping our City clean and combating illegal dumping!

Learn how to   report and prevent illegal dumping . Let's work together to stop trash that is illegally dumped in public spaces, sidewalks, streets, etc.!
Students, get involved! My District 2 Team is looking for interns!

Join our team and make a difference in the community! The Office of Councilmember Sergio Jimenez welcomes college or graduate school students interested community engagement, public service, policy research, and local government to apply for our District 2 Internship. 

This unpaid internship provides students with an immersive experience in day-to-day operations of a City Council office that serves about 100,000 residents. 

Student interns are expected to:
Communicate effectively with others
Adapt and work in a fast-paced environment
Have a willingness to learn and apply academic training to required job assignments
Commit a minimum of 15 hours per week

How to apply:
To be considered for the District 2 Internship, please:
1. Complete the District 2 Internship Form 
2. Upload your District 2 Internship Form, along with your Resume and Cover Letter, to the District 2 Internship Application
Community Resources
Get involved: District 2 Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations (N.A.s) are groups of community members who meet and collaborate to work towards common goals such as: beautification/clean-up efforts, safety enhancements, and social events. N.A.s serve as a connection between the community and City Hall. We are here to support N.A.'s by providing direction, resources, grants, help with outreach, models for success, and more.

View the interactive map of D2 N.A's on my website to find your N.A. or work with my office to start a N.A. in your area!

Sign up for N.A. Newsletters:

Reserving meeting space as an N.A.

As an established Neighborhood Association, you may reserve space for community use directly with Libraries and Community Centers in our District. As long as the meeting takes place during regular hours of operation, there is no charge to to your N.A.

If your event goes beyond the hours of operation, there is a charge for staffing. Our office is happy to accommodate 2 uses per N.A. per year for N.A.’s by paying for the staff time. Any additional uses outside of this would require your N.A. to cover the cost. 

Please contact the District 2 Office for more information!
Beyond San Jose: Get the latest news from your other elected officials

Read your Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman's Newsletter

Read your Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese's Newsletter

Read your California State Assemblymember Ash Kalra's News/Updates

Read your California State Assemblymember Mark Stone's News/Updates

Sergio's Office Hours 

Office Hours are a time to come ask questions, share concerns, or simply have a conversation. Meetings are first come first serve , and time may be limited to 15 minutes per person depending on the number of attendees.

Please visit my website for more information.

My next Office Hours will be:

Saturday, September 7
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Edenvale Library, Study Room B

Monday, September 16
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Santa Teresa Library, Study Room B
City Resources

Report on MySanJose :

Graffiti (866) 249-0543
Illegal Dumping (408) 794-1900
Potholes (408) 794-1900
Streetlight Outages (408) 794-1903
Speak with a live Customer Service Representative (408) 535-3500

Additional Resources:

(408) 975-1440 

(408) 535-7770

(408) 534-2900

(408) 793-5510 

Vanessa Sandoval – Chief of Staff
Helen Chapman – Policy & Legislative Advisor
Maribel Villarreal  – Policy & Legislative Analyst
Lucas Ramirez  – Policy & Legislative Analyst
Laura Nguyen – Community Relations & Web Coordinator
Kimberly Hernandez  – Executive Assistant