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Making the Case for Student Achievement in Green Schools

At the 2012 Green Schools National Conference, the Green Schools National Network (GSNN) hosted our first series of Solution Summits that covered a wide-range of contemporary green schools issues.  One of these Solution Summits was entitled, "Making the Case: Connecting Green and Healthy Schools with Student Achievement."  The Summit assembled a who's who of green schools experts and thought leaders to discuss current research, how student achievement was being measured, where the gaps were, and what opportunities, if any, existed for collaboration to advance student achievement.   We certainly had our work cut out for us
Alison Suffet-Diaz, Executive Director at Environmental Charter Schools (ECS), describes how the schools' best practice model informs every element of the ECS experience and contributes to its success.  

Dr. Sam Messier and Kiffany Lychock of the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado share how two major initiatives are playing a role to ensure students are fluent in sustainability upon graduation.

Susan Santone, Founder and Executive Director of Creative Change Educational Solutions, describes how her work with schools incorporates the "five C's" of 21st century skills, as well as citizenship and community.

Anne Vilen with EL Education shares three common practices that leaders at EL Education schools are using to get kids on the green way to getting smart.
Stephen Sugg, whose career has been spent at the intersection of education, sustainability, and public policy, relates his experience with place-based education and how this practice has transformed a rural school for the better. 

The latest news on professional development, resources, and grants for August.  
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