Making Kossuth County a safe, healthy, crime and drug free place to work, live, and raise kids.

How can you support Kossuth Connections?
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Upcoming events
January activities 

Kids Connect after school every Tuesday from 
3:30- 5:00 p.m.

January 1st - Office closed for holiday
10th- Resources Generated / Services Provided mtg @ noon KC office

16th - Executive meeting 11:30-1 p.m.

And don't forget Cinderella's
Closet - always open for business - dresses for many formal events are available!  
Contact JoAnn at 395-8336 to set up an appointment or donate dresses!
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Caddyshack is closed for
the season but if you are interested in making a donation or being a sponsor  for summer 2015, you can contact JoAnn at 395-8336. All donations are tax deductible. 



Kids Connect

               Youth Council


Making the Connections

January 2015  
Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our volunteers and donors for all donations made in 2014 and for recent Kossuth Connections events!

Special thanks to:
  • Julie Bauer for donating the Christmas tree for the tree walk
  • Charlie Kennedy for purchasing our Christmas tree 
  • Everyone who donated cookies and treats including the Kids Connect students who made treats for the fundraiser
We are looking forward to many events for our youth in 2015!

Staying informed...

National Drug Facts Week 
January 26th - February 1st

What are the facts about drugs and alcohol? You can access free educational materials to learn about marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

For more information click here

2013 National Drug Facts Week, Chat Day
2013 National Drug Facts Week,      Chat Day

 You can also join the  conversation - watch  the video for more  information about the  National Drug Facts  Chat Day.  
Youth Councils
Check out our video of Leaders in action!
Kossuth Connections Youth Council
January 14th and 28th- 
Early out meetings 
until 3:00

North Kossuth Youth Council 

January 7th

5:30 - Heritage Home activity

January 28th 
5:30 - Meeting Bancroft

Youth Council members 
Casey Harms, Kinsey Hoover, Hanna Lovstad, Morgan Schonert, Adam Schonert, Nathan Stumme, Michael McCauley, Hallie Lovstad

Bancroft - Maddie Schiltz, Karissa Rasch, Lyndsey Deitering, Peyton Busch, Sarah Ingalls, Caleb Rasch, Noah Goche

    Working towards making Kossuth County a safe, healthy, crime and drug free place to work, live, and raise kids...for the community, for teens, for you! 


Kossuth Connections Staff

 Angie, Jodee, and JoAnn

Feel free to forward our news with your friends and family!  Together we can make our community the best place for our kids... be a part of that  - make the connections.