Making the Most of End of Year

As we near the end of the calendar year, workplaces are buzzing. Many of us are tying up goals, submitting and finalizing budgets, and gearing up for the year to come.

Transition periods like these offer us those important moments to collect, analyze, and understand what we have accomplished, what we have lost, and how we take the triumphs and challenges of the past year into the development of strategies, approaches, and plans of action for the future.

It’s an opportunity to “Collect, Reflect, Innovate, and Act.”

  • Collect: Commit to learning. Seek out new information from diverse perspectives and voices.
  • Reflect: Take time to analyze what worked, what did not, and what should be continued in the year ahead.
  • Refine & Innovate: Reflection often leads to innovation. While it may be exciting to promote a “fail fast” culture in organizations, we must remember to emphasize the value of learning between activities. That is where the deep learning is and is wherethrough humility and inclusive collaboration—the magic happens.
  • Act: Awareness is essential, but insufficient without action. Put your enhanced ideas into practice and remember to track performance along the way!

At Out & Equal we understand that systems and processes built with inclusion, like the "Collect, Reflect, Innovate, and Act" model above, produce better outcomes. We hope it helps your year-end close out be more inclusive and more innovative as a result. That's the business of Out & Equal. That’s the Business of Belonging™! 

Recognizing Transgender Awareness Month

Let’s celebrate and uplift the transgender community and honor and remember those we have lost.

Despite the false narratives that suggest transgender people don’t or shouldn’t exist, we know that the transgender community has always been here and has left an indelible mark not only on our community and movement, but on our culture and society at large. Anti-transgender legislation and rhetoric has amplified the narratives and the real, tangible challenges being experienced by transgender people both in and out of the workplace, and have made this a time when active, intentional, and authentic allyship matters more than ever before.

To aid in developing the active ally in all of us, Out & Equal has created resources to help organizations build more inclusive workspaces and cultures where transgender and nonbinary individuals are valued and are as sought-after as any talent and, can be their authentic selves and thrive.

To our transgender friends, we see you, we are relentlessly here for you, and we would be incomplete as a society without you. Always remember your uniqueness and your power.

We're honored to feature these beautiful and inspiring words from Alok’s "Allow Yourself To Be Beautiful" speech, delivered at our 2023 Workplace Summit.

Final Reflections on the Impact of the 2023 Workplace Summit

In her opening remarks at Workplace Summit, Erin Uritus, Out & Equal CEO, declared, "We are united in strength and fortitude. We are OUT. And we will not rest until we are all EQUAL.”

Summit is, and has been for more than two decades, a transformative experience. It's a convening that informs, energizes, unifies, and galvanizes. It's a place where Queer joy, authenticity, and belonging are recognized, elevated, and celebrated. It is a place for deep reflection and collaboration, and from that, unstoppable innovation.

As we look back at our 2023 Workplace Summit, we are inspired, we are proud, and we are ready to keep pushing forward.

Learn more about the impact of Workplace Summit

Out & Equal Releases New Resources and Insights

Necessary Change: Achieving Full LGBTQI+ Workplace Inclusion in Argentina. While Argentina has been a notable leader in advancing equal rights and protections for the LGBTQI+ community, laws and policies alone do not guarantee full equity, inclusion, and opportunity. It’s why, in a first-of- its-kind report and survey, Out & Equal, in partnership with Argentina’s LGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CCGLAR), examined the state of LGBTQI+ inclusion in the Argentinian workplace and provided employers a guide to assess their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging efforts and the practical ways to make concrete change.

Read the Report Here

Disappointed But Not Defeated: Last month, India’s Supreme Court made a decision to not acknowledge marriage equality. While we mourn this missed opportunity to advance equality for the LGBTQI+ community in India, we remain hopeful, resolute, and committed to our mission.

An article published by The New York Times titled, “India’s Top Court Rejects Gay Marriage, While Voicing Sympathy,” notes some rays of hope within the ruling. They include:

  • expanding the definition of discrimination to certain fundamental protections for Queer citizens, including the right to access goods and services without prejudice;
  • legalizing marriage between transgender couples, with the caveat that one partner identifies as male, and the other; and
  • the establishment of an expert committee that is focused on protecting the rights of India’s LGBTQI+ community.

Learn more about the ruling, what it means, and the road ahead in this blog post penned by Akriti Rana, MPA (she/her), Manager, Global Impact Programs (APAC) at Out & Equal:

Read Akriti's Blog Post Here

"Hispanic, Latinx, Latine, Latino, or Chicano? When it comes to labeling ourselves, there is no one correct answer." Gabriel de la Cruz Soler (he/ él), Senior Manager of Global Impact Programs (LatAm) at Out & Equal and Founder of the NGO Presente (Peru) poignantly takes us step by step through the historical and cultural significance of the language and labeling conversation that impacts so many.

Read Gabriel's Blog Post Here

Representation and Recognition Matter. The Washington Business Journal named Erin Uritus, Out & Equal CEO, a 2023 LGBTQ+ Business Award Honoree. Congratulations to our amazing CEO and to all the honorees who are working to advance LGBTQ+ representation, inclusion, and equity in the workplace, and beyond.

See the full list of honorees here.

Last month, in celebration of Atlanta Pride, we teamed up with the Atlanta’s Mayor’s Office for an Out & Equal-hosted reception celebrating LGTBQ+ resilience, joy, and love. It was both an honor and inspiration to have 100 members of our Partner community join with allies and friends to kick off Atlanta Pride.

The rising tide lifts all boats. Our movement can only move forward and success can only be achieved if, as a peer set, we are working in parallel and collaboratively across our focus areas. It’s why leaders and team members from Out & Equal were excited to attend this year’s Human Rights Campaign National Dinner where, this nation’s highest-ranking leaders, President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, among many others, reaffirmed their support and commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.


Out & Equal's Leadership Forum

Monday, March 25Thursday, March 28, 2024

MGM National Harbor, Maryland

Join us as Out & Equal’s Executive Forum evolves into Leadership Forum.

Over the past decade, Out & Equal has convened more than 3,000 executives, ascending leaders, practitioners, and allies through this one-of-a-kind, Partner-exclusive gathering.

To learn more about joining the Out & Equal Partner community and this Partner exclusive event, please reach out to [email protected].  

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