Friends and Colleagues,

COVID-19. It’s a new virus that’s unfolded quickly, requiring the entire medical community to work together to come up with ways to treat a disease for which there is limited data to go by. Infections with the virus have multiple presentations from asymptomatic, to mild, to patients who are horribly sick. Should doctors quickly sedate COVID patients and put them on ventilators, or should they roll patients onto their abdomens and have them continue to breathe on their own -- with supplemental oxygen -- for as long as possible? Which antiviral drugs used and developed for other viral infections seem to help? What is the right answer?
In today’s newsletter, we feature Dr. Rajany Dy, a UNLV School of Medicine pulmonologist whose work, along with that of her colleagues in the UMC ICU, will be part of national studies seeking to find which treatments work, and which do not.