Friends and Colleagues,

It is, of course, much easier said than done -- to not let anything, not even the most serious of illnesses, derail our dreams, our goals. Franklin Roosevelt overcame polio to become one of our most memorable presidents. Stephen Hawking, who lived to age 76 despite being diagnosed at 21 with a rare motor neurone disease that left him wheelchair bound and only able to speak through a speech-generating device, became a renowned theoretical physicist. Thankfully, there are other inspirational examples. One of them, Addison “Addy” Guida, is a student at the UNLV School of Medicine. Since 2016 Addy has twice had to overcome a cancer that nearly killed her, but she refuses to give up on her goal of becoming an emergency medicine physician. In today’s newsletter, we share the story of this remarkable young woman, who says having been on the other side of the stethoscope will help her better empathize with patients during a frightening, vulnerable time of their lives.