Friends and Colleagues,

During her K-12 years, Caleena Longworth wore hand me downs from other families. Her mother made her change into black and white clothing after school so she wouldn’t be mistaken for wearing the colors of a gang. Food stamps put food on her plate. At night, she slept in her grandpa’s small RV. Overcoming the crushing effects of poverty are at the heart of the American Dream. It’s what Caleena, a third year medical school student at the UNLV School of Medicine is doing. Not only did she graduate college and get accepted to medical school, but Caleena is also an officer in the Nevada Air National Guard. Caleena has been in charge of the Guard’s presence at the UNLV Medicine curbside testing program for COVID-19, the leading testing center in the state. In today’s newsletter, we feature Caleena, who’s determined to make the world a better place.