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In the year 2000, the World Health Organization declared measles eliminated in the United States. That meant widespread use of the two-shot measles vaccine had prevented continuous circulation of the virus here. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the U.S. has already recorded more than 1,200 cases of the disease this year -- more than any year since 1992 -- as measles cases continue to rise worldwide. A National Institutes of Health report found that anti-vaccination sentiment has grown fast in the U.S. as parents shun immunization for their children for religious or philosophical reasons, or fears -- debunked by medical studies -- that such vaccines cause autism. In today’s Making the Rounds, we examine this public health threat with the help of Dr. Johan Bester, the UNLV School of Medicine Director of Bioethics who is regularly called on for his expertise on this subject by nationwide media outlets that include Newsweek magazine, National Public Radio and the Washington Post.