UNLV School of Medicine Class of 2023 Oath

I am honored to offer this oath upon the inception of my medical career. I fully recognize the moral responsibilities of my chosen profession, as I affirm:

Each patient is a person, to be treated with dignity, humanity, and empathy. I will respect life, honor patient autonomy, and protect privacy.

The well-being of my patients is entrusted to me. I will be an advocate for my patients and use the medical skills and knowledge necessary to do so.   

All patients are equally deserving of my skill and care. I will foster an environment of inclusivity and diversity in medicine.

Honesty and integrity are foundational to my practice. I will acknowledge my inevitable limitations and failures, be open to guidance from others, and always strive to become a better physician.

Others have paved the path that is before me. I will value and respect what has been given me by my mentors. I will teach others what I've been taught, give back what I've been given.

Medicine is demanding and ever-changing. I will be a lifelong learner. I will practice self-care as a responsibility to myself and patients.

The obligations of medicine require me to hold myself and others to the highest standard of accountability. I will be an ambassador of medicine, represent the profession well, and continue to earn society's trust. 

I affirm this declaration and pledge to faithfully uphold these values .