Friends & Colleagues, 

The faculty of the UNLV School of Medicine does more than deliver quality medical education to students and compassionate care to patients -- they also undertake painstaking research that seeks to solve the needs of the Nevada population and beyond. The research of our physician-scientists has appeared in peer-reviewed journals ranging from Nature Reviews and the American Journal of Surgery to Cancer Cytopathology. In addition, they have presented their findings on health disparities in Nevada with a focus on breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancers at prestigious scientific meetings that have included the American Radium Society and the American Society of Radiation Oncology. In today’s newsletter, we focus on the role of a biostatistician on a research team. While little publicized, biostatisticians play a key role in scientific inquiry, helping researchers design studies and make sense of all the data they collect. We're proud to say that Dr. Kavita Batra is now filling such a role at the UNLV School of Medicine.