Friends & Colleagues, 

In today’s newsletter, we focus on Monica Rose Arebalos, Damien Medrano and Kristina Cordes, three members of our inaugural 2017 class who are looking forward to a day less than three months from now that becomes one of the most significant milestones in the life of a physician -- Match Day. It is on that day, the third Friday in March, when fourth year medical students across the country learn where they’ll spend as many as seven years in specialty residency training -- another big step towards turning them into fully-trained, independent physicians. The match process is based on an algorithm that pairs students with residency programs nationwide. Even in this tragic Age of COVID-19, the Match remains the culmination of 4 years of medical study and deciding on a medical specialty. This feature should give you a better sense of the importance of Match Day and how a deadly virus has brought changes to this year’s process.