Friends & Colleagues, 

With tens of thousands of our fellow Americans dying of COVID-19 and millions more falling ill and losing jobs because of the novel coronavirus, it is not surprising that despair too often takes root among us, and that we have a difficult time acknowledging that there are those who continue to focus on building a better world. But it is happening every day. At the UNLV School of Medicine, for example, generous donors are going forward with financing our new medical school, which will help ensure that Southern Nevada has the physician-scientists necessary to give our citizens a future that offers the best in medicine. Groundbreaking will take place later this month. Our students, including our first class of graduates in May, remain committed to ensuring that people of all ethnic and economic persuasions can receive the best possible healthcare. In today’s newsletter, we focus on one of those students, Laura Wozniak, who plans on making the people of Southern Nevada healthier by applying her skill set of scientific knowledge, compassion, and support.