Friends and Colleagues,

Medicine has a noble tradition of self-sacrifice, of putting the needs of patients first, of genuinely working on behalf of humanity. That, of course, is something to be cherished both inside and outside the medical profession. Yet if carried too far, if physicians fail to care for themselves, they become unable to provide excellent care for others. To help combat the problem of “physician burnout,” the school’s wellness program, which includes counseling and psychological services, is aimed at providing students with the skills to manage stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle while in school and as a physician. Activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and nutrition and exercise guidance are offered. In today’s feature, we highlight a member of our 2017 charter class, William “Billy” Gravley, an All-American swimmer as an undergrad at Johns Hopkins University, a young man who appreciates the wisdom of the Greek philosopher Thales, who observed, “A sound mind in a sound body.”