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Making the Rounds with Founding Dean Dr. Barbara Atkinson
 Issue 203 - July 16, 2019
Friends & Colleagues, 

It never gets old. Seeing new students enter the UNLV School of Medicine is always a wonderful time. On Monday our third class of 60 students -- 31 males and 29 females -- arrived on campus and all of them were excitedly getting to know each other and talking about starting their pursuit of becoming a physician. Each time a new class arrives, my mind takes me back to 2015, when I was the only medical school employee, when the medical school was still a dream, not a reality. In today’s newsletter, we look at some of the highlights from day one, a day that ended with a joyful celebration and a surprise appearance by Chance, the mascot from the Golden Knights.
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School of Medicine Welcomes
Third Class to Campus

Chance, the mascot for the Vegas Golden Knights, extends his arms to hug UNLV School of Medicine Founding Dean Barbara Atkinson during a celebration at the medical school welcoming the new class of students.
Orientation day at the Shadow Lane campus saw students enjoy breakfast together, get fitted for white coats, receive their iPads and learn about upcoming curriculum. After Dean Atkinson formally welcomed them to campus, the students walked to the lobby -- where there was a surprise celebration that included an appearance by Chance, the mascot for the Vegas Golden Knights.
One of the first orders of business: getting fitted for a white coat. Medical student David Bandbaz finds the perfect size.
All members of the Class of 2023 are scheduled to formally receive their white coats during a ceremony August 23rd.
The 60-member class of 2023 arrives on campus with impressive credentials, including a 3.7 GPA and 510 MCAT. They come from top universities, including Princeton, Cornell, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, UCLA and USC. Twenty-five graduated from UNLV, 13 from UNR, and 1 from Nevada State College. 
A group of new medical students spent part of their morning testing their surgical skills playing the board game "Operation."
Students spent a good part of the day getting to know each other. Although some had met on previous visits, this was the first time as classmates.
Almost all of the students are either from Nevada or have strong ties to the area, making it more likely they will stay and practice here after graduation. Among the 31 males and 29 females, seven are first in their families to graduate from college, three are military veterans, one comes from a family of professional acrobats, and another is 2018 Miss Nevada Alexis Hilts. 
Members of the class of 2023 posed for a photo outside the Shadow Lane Campus, showing good humor and patience on a 110 degree day.
After receiving his own white coat, Chance the mascot got a look at the the school's virtual anatomy technology -- and had fun with members of the faculty.
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UNLV Welcomes Future Doctors
UNLV Med School Welcomes New Class
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