Friends and Colleagues,

We’re understandably proud of the community outreach our students do in the community. You can find our students volunteering to help veterans, serving with service organizations such as Catholic Charities, learning how medical care is carried out in clinics for our most vulnerable populations. Yes, connecting with the community, which is actually part of the school’s curriculum, is in the DNA of the UNLV School of Medicine. Our connection doesn’t stop with our students. For example, just recently Dr. Kush Modi, an assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine, made a presentation to the local chapter of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) support group. His explanations for managing an incurable condition suffered by 100,000 Americans -- IPF can cause permanent scarring in the lungs, making it progressively more difficult to breathe -- was so well received by both University Medical Center respiratory therapists and Southern Nevadans with the condition, that the group has already asked him back for future presentations. In today’s feature, we profile Dr. Modi, who also serves as associate program director of our pulmonary and critical care fellowships, which give physicians the training to specialize in two highly technical areas of medicine.