Enjoy the splendors of winter
In the heart of winter
As you find your way through drifts of snow, feel each new snowflake fall upon you and shuffle your feet along the crunchy snow here in the mountains, we can guarantee that you've made it to the heart of winter!

February is the beginning of winter festivities here in Leadville and we couldn't be more excited. Leadville's famous Loppet (Nordic ski race) is happening on Saturday morning and the Tennessee Pass Night Jam (night fat bike race) will take place that evening, so make your way up! In case you missed last months blog post about upcoming events, be sure to check it out and keep your eyes open for another post soon. Speaking of events, who's been keeping up with the Olympics?
February 17
Handy Tips And Trends
Increase your home's value
Curious how you can increase the value of your home? Gaining value can be as easy as fixing those leaky faucets to remodeling your entire kitchen. The good folks over at This Old House have laid out 10 tips to help you conquer those projects to raise the value of your home. One of our favorites is tip #4 Don't Put Off Care and Maintenance!
Energy efficiency
Why not make the energy you use in your home work harder for you and help save you money? It's a pretty great idea don't you think. The Cloud City Conservation Center offers home energy assessments in Lake County. These will help save you money on utilities and make your home more comfortable for you and your family. Check them out below
Catching up on trends
In case you haven't been keeping up with the latest in design trends, we're here to help! The Best In American Living blog captures beautiful 2017 trends across the country. How well have you done in keeping up? Regardless if you kept up or not, perhaps it will lend inspiration for your upcoming project or provoke you to tackle one.

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