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A lot of children today have not only their own bedrooms, but also their own bathrooms, and safety is always the most important consideration.

Having a standard height toilet is key.  Many manufacturers today make taller toilets, but standard height is still available.  With smaller children, it is best to keep the lid closed.  Toilet locks are available for those curious little ones.  

When children wash their hands or brush their teeth, a 30" or 31 1/2" standard vanity makes it easier for them to reach the sink.  A temperature controlled faucet can be set to prevent kids from getting burned.  

Most tub or shower faucets today include anti-scald devices.   Kids' bathrooms should have a tub with a hand shower on a slide bar so the smallest child can adjust the bar to his or her own height.  A special non-slip finish can be added to the bottom of a tub.

At Creative Kitchen & bath we have the newest items available to make your child's bathroom safe and user friendly.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more about these special products.


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