Soni set to dig herself out of poverty
through education
Project Mala helps lower caste children reach their full potential by providing quality education.  Below is an example of one child who is benefiting from this.
Soni, her older brother and younger sister were all enrolled in Project Mala's primary school at Hasra.  Sadly, neither of her siblings were able to qualify for middle school but Soni, a quiet and thoughtful girl, wanted to make the most of her opportunity at school.  She worked hard and passed to attend our Patehra Middle School, which is 10 kilometers from her home.  She travelled the 20 kilometers each day by bicycle (provided by Mala) for three years, then in April 2016 she passed the entrance test to join the Project Mala Secondary School at Guria.  

Soni comes from a very poor family.  Her father died when she was 3 years old.  Her family were supported by her grandfather until August 2015 when he also died.  Now her mother alone supports the family, including the grandmother, by doing agricultural work.  They all live together in a mud house and draw drinking water from the community hand pump.  Fortunately for Soni, Mala Secondary School is a boarding school where she has all meals provided and only goes home on alternate weekends.
Soni is not the brightest in this elite group, but she is working hard at her studies and has ambitions to be a doctor.  If she succeeds in this, she will do well.  In any case, Soni will come out of our secondary school with a good education and her prospects for a better life for her and her family will be greatly enhanced.

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Robin Garland
Project Mala
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