We are truly grateful to all of our volunteers, partners, and donors for making it possible for us to distribute food and clothing to hundreds of families each week. Your kindness and generosity continue to brighten the lives of countless families in our community.

Thank you!

Here are some highlights since our last update:

Family Fun-Day Extravaganza

In July, our second Family Fun-Day featured waterslides, popsicles, bubbles, and lots of laughter. This joyous event allowed the children of our clients to step out of their cars and experience the carefree joy of childhood.

Thank you to Barry Deutsch and Boy Scout Troop 477 for once again organizing a team of superb volunteers to run this event!

Volunteer Appreciation Party

In June, we had a fantastic volunteer appreciation party at the pavilion, celebrating our volunteers' unwavering support. It was so great to spend quality time with our volunteers and their significant others while sharing a meal and having fun! And to top it off, we took a great group picture!

Supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk

In March, we organized a team to participate in the Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk.

Together, we raised an impressive $5,755, which Malachi's Storehouse will be able to use as credit to purchase food from the ACFB. This contribution will significantly bolster our efforts to provide nourishment and sustenance to those in need.

Thank you to everyone who donated!

Summer Support and Teen Volunteers

These are a few of the teens who helped out over the summer; several are not pictured and we are grateful for them too!

Summers are a bustling time at Malachi's Storehouse, and we are thankful for the hard work of our dedicated teen volunteers who join us when school is out. Their enthusiasm and commitment have been a pleasure to witness!

The Art of the Drive-through

Over the past year, our exceptional team of traffic directors have revolutionized the Malachi's drive-through line, creating a well-orchestrated and efficient process that ensures a smooth distribution experience for our clients.

Through the clever use of cones, the volunteers are able to organize the line into multiple layers while upholding a sense of order and respect for everyone's time. 

Our volunteers are so creative in problem-solving!

Malachi's Café

Marking its one-year anniversary, Malachi's Café has blossomed into a hub of heartwarming connections. Under the leadership of Martha Myers, a dedicated team of volunteers welcomes clients every Wednesday morning as they browse the clothing selections. Clients can now enjoy a friendly cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate (in the winter), lemonade (in the summer) and a selection of pastries and bagels. Under our new pavilion, both the clothing team and the Malachi's Café team have evolved into a haven of camaraderie and community, where both clients and volunteers gather, sharing stories and enriching the Malachi's Storehouse experience together.

Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway

As summer came to an end, we ensured that children in the community were well-prepared for the new school year. Once again, Malachi's was a beneficiary of For the Kid in All of Us and we were able to provide 550 backpacks to the children of our clients.


Last November, we celebrated a heartwarming "Friendsgiving" event with our volunteers. Everyone brought dishes from their family tables, creating a sense of warmth and togetherness for everyone present.


Do you want to join these smiling faces? Come volunteer with us! Click here to view our current opportunities.

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