Malheur Musings
May 2020
Submissions for the Youth Artist in Residence Program Virtual Gallery and Contest are being collected through May 4th. You can see the Virtual Gallery yourself and even support the AIR Program with a donation by visiting OUR WEBSITE. More information can be found below in an article written by Refuge Wildlife Specialist Carey Goss.
Artwork pictured: 2020 Submission by Emmalee Estrada, 8th Grader at Fields Elementary School
Despite Stay Home and social distancing orders on those of us who would normally be out enjoying the migratory MAYhem, the birds are none the wiser. Hundreds of thousands of birds have already and will continue to move through the Harney Basin or choose to stay here to breed and raise their young, such as the white-face ibis and American white pelicans.

While the birds carry on, our organization has and will continue to be impacted by the pandemic. Spring and corresponding bird migration generally bring with it a great many birders; both long time Friends and brand new visitors. Our Nature Center & Store at Refuge HQ is typically buzzing with excitement and generating funds through sales and Membership to support our Outreach, Advocacy and Stewardship activities.

With the continued closure of operations, we bracing for a financial hit. Estimated losses for April - June include:
  • $14,640 Lost Retail Revenue
  • $4,990 Lost Membership Recruitment
  • $3,800 Lost Fundraising during Annual Member's Weekend

The Friends of Malheur fully intend to continue with our support of the programs the depend on these funds, but we are asking for your help to make that happen. Programs we are maintaining our committment to fund:

Please consider helping to offset the costs of these programs
by making a donation today! Click on an idividual program above to support a specific program area or CLICK HERE to make a general purpose donation.
As always, Thank you for being a Friend.

Janelle L Wicks
FOMR Executive Director
Tuesday, May 5th has been designated as a National Day of Giving by our friends at GivingTuesday. They are coordinating with non-profits like ours to hold a #Nonprofit Matching Fund Initiative!
Conservation Corner
By Jeff Mackay, Newly selected MNWR Project Leader

Coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic, CDC, at-risk, social distancing, quarantine… These words and many others that we have likely never used in our daily communications and are now common currency. They shadow us as we navigate the path of our current reality. 

As a result of the Covid-19 virus current Refuge operations look much different in response to a paramount need to provide for the health and safety of Refuge employees and conservation partners as well as their families and other Harney County residents. The Refuge remains open, however, as most of you know operations in the Refuge Visitor Center and the Cranes Nest Nature Center were suspended by mid-March.   READ MORE
By Linh Nguyen, FOMR Intern

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is known for its oases of wetlands, wet meadows, and homestead era stands of cottonwoods, elms, and other tall trees. One of the important, though often less focused-on habitats is the Sagebrush Steppe, covering 14,000 to 15,000 acres and shrubs are its main vegetative plants. It can be found around the fringe of the Blitzen Valley, at higher elevations, at several locations in the Double-O Unit, and along the south side of Harney Lake. This is the home for obligate shrub-steppe species like Greater sage-grouse, Brewer’s sparrow, sagebrush sparrow, and sage thrasher. This habitat also supports other animals like sagebrush lizards and mule deer. 

In arid landscapes like the uplands of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, perennial plants are interspaced with a biological soil crusts called biocrust. This refers to the community of lichens, mosses, cyanobacteria, and fungi that live on the soil surface... READ MORE
By Peter Pearsall

The first week of May is National Wildflower Week, celebrating native blooms across the country. Enjoy this poem by Peter and a photo gallery of Great Basin wildflowers.
Events & Announcements
Events have gone virtual until further notice. Stay informed and connected through this newsletter, our website and social media sights.
Participate in our Virtual Trivia night (via Zoom)! Coordinate with family and friends or play solo.

Trivia will include Three Rounds:
1. General Malheur Trivia.
2. Photo ID Round including bird ID and identifying locations on the Refuge.
3. Audio Round including common bird calls and songs.

Questions? Visit the Facebook Event Page or email hosts:
Janelle, friends@malheurfriends.or g and Teresa,
Click on the image above to go on a Virtual Birding Tour of the Silvies Floodplain!

Click on the image below to participate in our Eaglet Naming Contest!

While stay home orders are in place please enjoy our #HarneyatHome series:
Membership Minute
The sustaining support of our members is more imoportant than ever.
 If you are unsure of your Membership status you can sign up for a Friends Account and view your Membership or email us at today!
2020 Membership Appreciation

All New and Renewing Members will receive an exclusive FOMR Member 2020 clear, vinyl decal and bookmark. (Pictured here)

Renewing Members that BUMP up a Membership level will receive a new Malheur BUMPer sticker. (Pictured below)

New and Renewing Members that sign up at the Patron ($200), Steward ($500) or Benefactor ($1,000) levels are eligible for specialty gifts! You can opt out of receiving your gift when you fill out your membership form online or in person.

Gifts will include Malheur specialty coffee roasted by Clawfoot Coffee Roasters in Klamath Falls and 1 or 2 FOMR hand-thrown ceramic Mugs by Deneen Pottery. Benefactor Members will also receive a copy of the Malheur Symphony on CD.
Current Membership Total: 790!
GIFT A MEMBERSHIP to the Malheur enthusiast and Bird lover in your life! Membership is a great way to keep up with and support the ongoing work of our organization! All you have to do is fill out THIS FORM with the recipient's name and contact information and they will be informed of their Membership!
Volunteer with Friends
Weekend Stewardship Activities

Weekend Work Parties on Malheur NWR in 2020! * PENDING*
  • July 31st - Aug 4th A joint effort between the Friends and Portland Audubon geared towards getting Sod House Ranch ready for it's Aug 15th opening date.
  • September 18th - 20th This Friends fall stewardship weekend is the perfect time of year to get some work done on the Refuge!

Crane's Nest Nature Center & Store
Unstaffed until further notice

The Online Nature Store is now operational and offering a selection of our favorite Malheur NWR and Friends of MNWR goodies*!
*Some product images are still being produced and will be posted soon
Looking for a unique Mother's Day gift? We've got you coverd!
Sandy the Sandhill Crane ($14) and her colt ($8.50) make
quite the cuddly pair!

Or, how about a pair of unique earrings? Jabebo earrings are handmade in the USA and produced with recycled materials! Only $12.50/pair with 32 species we are sure to have a bird on your list!
Malheur HQ Visitor Center
Unstaffed until further notice
April's Most Popular
Every month there is excellent content on the Friends Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Here We will feature the most popular post of the month.

Migrant Monday: White-faced Ibis (4/27) by Dan Streiffert
Video clip featuring white-faced ibis foraging in the Silvies Floodplain.
This video reached over 2,800 people through Facebook and is now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the channel and like the video to find more great content like this!
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