Malheur Musings
April 2020
Ross's Geese are among the first to arrive in the Harney Basin as they make their way north to their breeding grounds on the Arctic tundra of northern Canada. Read the article below about Project IBiS and learn how birders in Harney County can help us better understand the value of the Silvies Floodplain to these and other migratory species.
Photo by Dan Streiffert, FOMR Volunteer
Director's Message
Day by day, so many things in our world are changing, shifting our understandings and expectations. It is impossible to address you, our Friends, with the typical tenor of these notes without first addressing the ongoing stresses we are faced with due to the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Right about now, many of you would typically be confirming reservations at the Malheur Field Station, signing up for a Portland Audubon Bird Walk or just generally packing yourselves up to make the annual spring pilgrimage to Harney County. While we now all observe Governor Kate Brown's Executive Order and commit to the mantra, Stay Home, Save Lives, the birds have free passage and are none the wiser to our plight. This, in a time of uncertainy, brings me comfort. It is my sincere hope that the Friends of Malheur NWR's ability to keep you connected to Malheur and all the magic it holds, brings you comfort as well.

Here in Harney County, we know that there are many who had to cancel plans when the Bird Festival was cancelled and many more who would have passed through before or after to avoid the 'crowds' but enjoy the sweet songs and sights of spring. It is not lost on us that the Harney Basin and Malheur NWR are a Refuge for more than just wildlife. So, with our partners, The Friends of Malheur are committed to bringing Malheur NWR and the greater Harney Basin to YOU... digitally. We are working with High Desert Partnership, Portland Audubon, and the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival planning committee to bring you our Harney@Home Campaign.
Need to see, hear and feel the rush of white geese swirling above a wide open field? Want to go on a virtual birding tour? Harney@Home is our answer to that. For our part, the Friends are continuing to manage high quality content on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we have just released our own YouTube Channel. You can find us on any of these platforms by searching @MalheurFriends. In addition to the Friends, take a look at the amazing content through our partners in this effort.

  • Portland Audubon is @RestoreMalheur on Facebook
  • Harney County Migratory Bird Festival is @MigratoryBirdFestival on Facebook
  • High Desert Partnership is @HighDesertPartnership on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube

We are proud to work with these partners who are committed to the support of and advocacy for Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and our local Harney County communities. We genuinely look forward to the days when everyone can come and enjoy the magnificence  of Malheur in person again. Until then, those of us here are eager to share it with you.

As always, Thank you for being a Friend.

Janelle L Wicks
FOMR Executive Director
Conservation Corner
By Debby DeCarlo, FOMR Volunteer
By Alexa Martinez
Project IBiS (Inventorying Birds in the Silvies Floodplain)
By Teresa Wicks, Portland Audubon Eastern Field Biologist

The flood-irrigated ranchlands of the Silvies Floodplain support large numbers of migrating waterfowl and waterbirds through providing a place to stopover and rest while making their journey north. Up to 30% of the Snow and Ross’s Geese that navigate the Pacific Flyway, the westernmost “highway of the sky,” depend on the Harney Basin... Read more.
By Kay Scheurer Steele, Photographer & FOMR Member

The “Malheur Symphony” tells a gripping story of an amazing high desert oasis of the Northern Great Basin in southeastern Oregon known as Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. As you approach the vastness of that land (introduced through the recordings of howling winds and rolling thunder), it pulls you in and dampens down all the burdens of civilization within you.
Events & Announcements
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All events and programs are postponed until further notice. Stay informed and connected to the Friends through our website and social media sights.
Welcome Our Intern: Linh Nguyen

My name is Linh Nguyen, I am a Graduate student at Oregon State University, and my department is Environmental Science. I moved to Oregon about 2 years ago for grad school. My degree is called Professional Science Masters (PSM), it is a hybrid degree between Science and Business. To complete my degree, I am required to have an intern that is suitable to my interests, and I applied to be the assistant to Miss Janelle Wicks (the Director of FOMR), and fortunately she chose me for the job. Management is a new territory for me, since I have a lot of experience in laboratory work, but not enough in community outreach. I expect to learn a lot from Janelle in how to manage a non-profit organization, because after graduation, I want to work for a non-governmental organization myself. I am passionate about wildlife and the welfare of the environment, I love animals (who doesn’t?), and I try to spend as much time outdoor as possible. I am bummed that I cannot be at the Malheur Refuge Center for my internship, but I will definitely visit once the pandemic is under control. I am looking forward to work with Janelle and to learn more about the organization and its members.  
Membership Minute
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2020 Membership Appreciation

All New and Renewing Members will receive an exclusive FOMR Member 2020 clear, vinyl decal and bookmark. (Pictured here)

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Gifts will include Malheur specialty coffee roasted by Clawfoot Coffee Roasters in Klamath Falls and 1 or 2 FOMR hand-thrown ceramic Mugs by Deneen Pottery. Benefactor Members will also receive a copy of the Malheur Symphony on CD.
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Volunteer with Friends
Weekend Stewardship Activities

Weekend Work Parties on Malheur NWR in 2020! * PENDING*
  • July 31st - Aug 4th A joint effort between the Friends and Portland Audubon geared towards getting Sod House Ranch ready for it's Aug 15th opening date.
  • September 18th - 20th This Friends fall stewardship weekend is the perfect time of year to get some work done on the Refuge!

Crane's Nest Nature Center & Store
Unstaffed until further notice

The Online Nature Store is now operational and offering a selection of our favorite Malheur NWR and Friends of MNWR goodies*!
*Some product images are still being produced and will be posted soon
Are you spending more time at home?
Does anything go together quite like a good book and your favorite mug full of coffee or tea?
Edge of Awe , Edited by Alan Contreras is a magnificant compilation of stories from folks who have experienced deep and meaningful connection with Malheur NWR and surrounding landscapes. $19.95 + S&H 
Sagebrush Collaboration , Peter Walker is a compelling page turner that will take you through the full story of the 2016 armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
$19.95 + S&H 
These Deneen Pottery mugs are handcrafted in the USA! Choose from the Abby (above, left) in sage green or sunset orange and the Camper (above, right) in black or warm brown. $24.00 + S&H
Malheur HQ Visitor Center
Unstaffed until further notice
March's Most Popular
Every month there is excellent content on the Friends Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Here We will feature the most popular post of the month.

Birds in Springtime by Peter Pearsall
Video clip featuring sandhill crane, red-winged blackbird, song sparrow, marbled godwit, killdeer, Cooper's hawk, red-tailed hawk, and snow and Ross's geese!
This video was watched by over 9k people through Facebook and is now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the channel and like the video to find more great content like this!
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