We are so proud to announce that one of Mama Margarita Foundation's children, Luis Alfonso, has recently earned his diploma!

Through very generous donors, we have been able to send Luis to Colegio Salesiano Don Bosco for the past eight years. Now the foundation will help him with his $4,000 yearly tuition as he moves on to attend college! He is interested in the medical field, and we are honored to help him achieve his goals.

Luis was 9 years old when he began his education at the Salesian School, a private school which was a better alternative to the public state school. The foundation has provided the $1,000 tuition cost for the past seven years. 
Luis receiving his diploma from the Salesian School in Masaya (above).
(Left): Luis and his older brother Sadras.
When Luis and his two brothers first came to Mama Margarita in 2012, he had already lost his mother, and in 2013, his father got sick and died. He and his brothers were left in their care of their grandmother. In 2013, when the Andy Feliz Scholarship began to provide financial tuition for seven children to attend the Salesian School in Masaya, Luis was one of those children.

Now, as Luis is able to fulfill his dream of graduating high school, he can continue his next dream of going to college and pursuing a degree in medicine. What a blessing!

A young missionary who came to visit Mama Margarita back in 2015, recently asked about Luis, who made an impression on many of our missionaries who have met him since 2012. Approximately 300 missionaries have visited Mama Margarita from Don Bosco Prep, Salesian High School, Gospel Roads, and St. Petersburg Catholic High School over the past nine years. Luis was always welcoming and hospitable to all of the missionaries who have visited Mama Margarita. He is a joyful young man who has endured his trials in life with a positive attitude, and wants to make a difference through his career in medicine.

We hope to be able to continue offering financial support for the various expenses of those at the Mama Margarita Foundation, but we need your help. The greatest needs at this time are:

  • Luis Alfonso’s tuition for his University - $4,000 a year
  • Tuition for six students for the Colegio Salesiano Don Bosco - $ 1,000 each 
  • Food for the children and families at Mama Margarita - Monthly expense of $2,000

If you would like to sponsor one of these specific expenses, or if you can contribute in some way towards them, it would be greatly appreciated. We need your help more than ever to continue our mission and to bring much needed assistance to the families who are a part of Mama Margarita. So many have benefited from your generosity and compassion, which helps alleviate much of their suffering. 
Guess what today is...

It's Fr. Manny's birthday!

Join us in wishing Fr. Manny a happy birthday by making a gift in his honor to the Mama Margarita Foundation. The best gift for him to receive is for the happiness and well-being of the children at the Mama Margarita Foundation, and your gift can help.

Happy Birthday Fr. Manny!
If you would like to talk further about our current needs or have any questions, please reach out to Fr. Manny at frmannyg@gmail.com at any time. Your donation can be made by check to the Mama Margarita Foundation, and mailed to: Fr. Manny Gallo, SDB, 16 Washington St, Port Chester, NY 10573, or click the blue 'Give a Gift Today' button above. 

Thank you in advance, and please know that the children of Mama Margarita Foundation pray for all of their donors and all of the Missionaries that come to minister and serve them. 
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