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Mammoth Pet Products Is Committed to Sustainability
Mammoth Pet Products®, a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium dog toys, is committed to sustainability in our manufacturing facilities and business practices. Over the past year, Mammoth Pet Products® was dedicated to reducing emissions, optimizing factories, and renovating their headquarters.

North American "Factory" Consolidation  Last year, Mammoth successfully combined their two North American factories into one facility. The factory consolidation significantly increases their production capabilities. The new plant has LED lighting, improved workflow, and upgraded next generation energy savings equipment. Factory power is now supplied by a regional Solar Farm. The factory's close proximity to the USA/Canada marketplace enables Mammoth to maximize supply chain efficiencies and reduce incoming transportation GHG emissions.
China Factory GHG Emissions Reduction  Mammoth facilitated factory boiler upgrades from a coal-burning boiler to an electric boiler reducing approximately 40% of GHG emissions.

The Sustainability Consortium/B-Lab Assessments  Mammoth is annually assessed by The Sustainability Consortium and CDP environmental impact organization. and continues to rank at the top of the class for sustainability practices. Mammoth is working in partnership with Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to become B-LAB certified by meeting B-LAB's rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Mammoth Headquarters - Mammoth Lakes California 
Mammoth recently renovated their offices, design studio, and showroom. The "modern" office has water savings appliances, digital documentation resulting in 50% savings in paper generation, workflow efficient office furniture, next generation CAT6 Internet, and energy saving LED lighting. Mammoth uses renewable electricity from a nearby geothermal power plant.
Current GHG Emissions  Mammoth's current emissions continue to average less than 0.1 kg CO2 per toy and will decrease significantly as we continue to make supply chain improvements by:
  • Implementing a higher standard from our factories & their material suppliers.
  • Increasing the use of recycled materials in products and packaging.  
  • Using cleaner energy sources and energy efficient machinery.
  • Improving our supply chain, which reduces CO2 generated from product transportation
Mammoth uses environmentally responsible materials to manufacture products under the Mammoth brand and will continue to to increase the use of recycled and natural materials in their products and packaging.

Mammoth is dedicated to lowering GHG emissions, conserving energy, and reducing their water footprint. They are a member company of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, an organization committed to helping businesses focus on sustainable practices in manufacturing; and looks to organizations such as CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and The Sustainability Consortium for guidance on best practices for managing environmental impact and improving sustainable consumer products.
"Our goal is to reach a ZERO emissions and a ZERO water use factory environment,"
said President, Charles Byrne. "We care deeply about our environment and will continually strive to improve sustainability efforts with our factories and partners."
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