Dear TUFF Community,

Thank you for all the follow-up questions about the TUFF Guide and thank you for doing your homework! Keep studying!

There are 11 days left to register, the TUFF Guide has a new version, we need Volunteers, and the raffle page has been updated!

Volunteer Sign-up

PLEASE HELP! Volunteers are needed to make any event great. We put together volunteer shifts where we can use some extra hands. Please follow this link to BikeReg and sign up.

Volunteer at least one shift to receive: Mammoth Tuff shirt, Sockguy socks, The Pro's Closet water bottle, Monster swag bag, 4 raffle tickets (plus a raffle ticket for every additional hour served), and food will be provided if you’re shift is near lunch/dinner timeframes. 

Rider (TUFF) Guide - Updated 8/29/21

After reading your excellent questions and talking with our friends in the gravel community, we added a few updates to the guide...

Please do your homework!


We're not saying you might be quizzed on this, but you might be... so study up.

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Bier Run Reg

11 Days Left to Register! #ExploreyourTUFF

ORDER YOUR TIRES if you haven't yet!

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Raffle Prizes updated weekly!

This week we added an awesome $500 gift card from The Pro's Closet!

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Make your reservations now as the town will be busy in September...

Click below to see a list of all our lodging partners.



#DeathToPlastic ⁣♻️

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