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Mammoth Continues Its Commitment to
Social & Environmental Sustainability

We're committed to designing and delivering environmentally responsible dog products.
We believe that social & environmental sustainability should be the primary responsibility of all businesses.

"When Mammoth Pet Products launched in 1995, the goal was simple: design engaging dog toys using the highest consumer product standards," said VP of Sales, Mark Pasco. "We haven't deviated from our initial goal, and in fact, we've increased our level of commitment to social and environmentally sustainability by partnering with the Pet Sustainability Coalition, working closely with our factories and partners to ensure our level of standards are met, and staying current on best practices in social and environmental sustainability."

Mammoth uses environmentally responsible materials and works closely with its factories and major trading partners measuring and setting standards to reduce its carbon footprint and water usage. We use the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG), a corporate accounting and reporting standard to measure Scope 1 (direct GHG emissions) & Scope 2 emissions (indirect GHG emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam). Our current emissions average less than 0.1 kg CO2 per toy and our goal is to continue to lower emissions by:
  • Implementing a higher standard from our factories & their material suppliers.
  • Increasing the use of recycled materials in products and packaging.  
  • Using cleaner energy sources and energy efficient machinery.
  • Improving our supply chain, which reduces CO2 generated from product transportation
"We can proudly say that no priority chemicals are used in the production of all products under the Mammoth brand, and we will continue to monitor all factories closely," said Pasco. "In doing this, our hope is to create a sustainable product throughout the supply chain and reduce emissions for a safe environment for future generations." 
Environmental Partners  
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