June 2, 2020 HIPAA Compliant Text and Voice

To assist dental health providers in managing patient emergencies and concerns in a COVID – 19 world, Awrel announced a new voice-assisted Dental Emergency chatbot that can readily integrate into existing websites, to triage, and manage dental emergencies . Learn More

TO ATTACH A CBCT FILE to an Awrel message
1.     First click on the DICOM folder
2.     Right click
3.     Select “compress”
4.     Drag and drop the file to the open clip board at the bottom of the screen
5.     Enter a message and click send
  • Your practice should have an enterprise account, or everyone on the staff should open an Awrel Connect account.
  • Keep all PHI and office business on HIPAA compliant text
  • New referral text messages should be sent to the dentist and practice administrator
Everyone uses text messaging for easy communication.
Most t exting apps are unencrypted form of communication and can be intercepted.
Your business partners, colleagues, and patients deserve secure communication.
Awrel Connect - HIPAA compliant text is free and simple:
2)   Download app for your mobile device

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