Manage Up -

                When You Have a Bad Boss


 Mary Lee Gannon, CAE
Your Life/Career/Business Reinvention Strategist
Mary Lee Gannon is president of
 - a coaching and consulting firm that helps people and organizations reinvent to enjoy the freedom that comes from success. With more than 18 years of experience as a CEO of organizations with up to $26 million in assets, Mary Lee helps leaders develop business strategy and fulfilled employees who know how to make work fun and productive. 
She is an International Coach Federation Certified Coach, a graduate of Duquesne University's Professional Coaching Program, an alumnus of the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference and a Certified Association Executive. 
Mary Lee's personal turnaround came as a stay-at-home mother with four children under seven-years-old who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance from where she earned success to support her family.   
Are you:
* A CEO looking to refine skills
* In need of Leadership Training at your company
* Seeking Conflict Resolution Training
* In need of a keynote speaker on negotiating, mindful management, leadership, etc.
* Idle in your career
Void of life purpose
* Disconnecting in relationships
* In need of executive presence
* Have employees who are unable to "just move on."

Clients, across the US, are working hard but not smart because there is a lack of clarity, vision, goals, optimized work environment, accountability or good work/life balance in place to produce exceptional results. So fear, bureaucracy, personal agendas and cynicism have grabbed hold when what they want is rekindled passion to create the best product or service in their industry, be the provider of choice and be fulfilled by a lifestyle friendly business.
Services: Reinvention Coaching for Life-Career-Business / Strategic Planning / Board Development / Healthcare / Management Consulting / Public Relations / Meeting Facilitation / Leadership / Productivity  
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Mary Lee Ganon is Recognized 

Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV, Mary Lee Gannon and Beth Caldwell of PPW - Women of Integrity Award 

Mary Lee Gannon is awarded the 2012
"Woman of Integrity" award by Pittsburgh
Professional Women on December 1st at Le Mont.  Awardees are women of distinction who have balanced career and civic responsibility, who share their success by mentoring others and
supporting their communities.  Pictured
here with Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV
and Beth Caldwell of PPW.

The Book

"Starting Over" 

Mary Lee's first book illustrates her personal turnaround as a stay-at-home mother, with four children under seven-years-old, who endured a divorce that took she and the children from the country club life to public assistance. From there, within a short time, she worked to the level of CEO, directing three hospital foundations over the last 16 years each with assets of up to $26 million.  

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One of the tests of being a leader is knowing how to navigate a boss who doesn't score highly as a leader him/herself. In many ways you then have to learn to manage your boss - you manage up. 


Mapping a Course to Manage a Bad Boss


1. What's the Driver?


All bad behavior is the result of an intrinsic motivator. If you were to strip away the outside fa´┐Żades of bullying, apathy, criticalness, sweety nice, indecision, micromanaging, etc. what is left? Put yourself in their shoes?


     * What is he afraid of?

     * What keeps her up at night?

     * What does he really care about?

     * What would she love more of?

     * How does he measure success?


Listen to cues that demonstrate what he doesn't want. How do you position your work and interactions to accommodate what she cares about? Preface strained interactions with a genuine, "Because I know that we want the team to______" statements that underscore his priorities.


2. Have Their Back


Trust is crucial - especially for an insecure leader. Once they know your only motive is to help position their success, they will expect only good things from you and listen and react better.


3. Manage Yourself


If you feed into the anger, insecurity or lack of skill of an underdeveloped leader you could allow your weaknesses to show instead of your strengths to shine. Who are you when under fire? How do you demonstrate grace and grit? If your work life were a movie who would play you and what would they do?


When in doubt as to what to do, pause first. The sacred pause allows you to squeeze in between the moment you feel an emotion (frustration, anger, overwhelmed) and react to it (say something you'll regret, get emotional, withdraw in defeat.)


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Watch Mary Lee's NEW Corporate Training Video: "Effective Negotiations."
Watch Mary Lee's Expert Panel VideoLife/Career Reinvention Coach Mary Lee Gannon appears on a panel of top coaches at Rivers Casino for Pittsburgh Professional Women here showing what you do when you feel overwhelmed and fear failure.
Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE helps you position your executive leadership signature to enthuse transformational change. She is an award winning speaker, coach and president of, a consulting and leadership training firm that helps you position your unique leadership impact to create a movement. Her purpose is to wake you up from autopilot (your business metrics, employee engagement, sales, productivity, organizational vision and purpose, doubt, innovation, executive presence, conflict resolution) to your unique leadership signature so that you can change the world instead of just flying around it. She is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives, the Woman of Integrity Award by Pittsburgh Professional Women and the Leading Lady Distinction by Oakland Catholic. She's been featured in Money Magazine, NPR,, U.S. News and World Report,,,, Her column appears in the Pittsburgh Business Times and she presents regularly to national audiences on leadership, executive presence, conflict resolution, employee engagement, coaching versus managing, and career development. Read testimonials from her clients. Both of her books: Reinvent you - From Welfare to CEO and Starting Over are available in bookstores, from online booksellers or on her web site at  
Mary Lee is a featured executive coach in MONEY MAGAZINE. 
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