Medical Cost Projections 
With the escalating costs of healthcare it is critical that accurate assessments are made when calculating the exposure of future medical care. Medical Cost Projections are a key tool in claims management strategy, especially when clinically based.
EK Health offers Medical Cost Projections as a service designed to assist our clients with settlement strategy or aggressive reserving practices

Key features of our Medical Cost Projections service:
Fast turnaround time - Cost projections completed in less than 10-business days (Rush service in 5-business days or less)
Utilize Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines with ability to incorporate medical treatment/medication pricing based on specific client/network agreements  
Customizable reports/formatting based on client needs 
Ability to complete Medical Cost Projections in any jurisdiction
Ability to utilize Pharmacy Benefit Manager pricing for medication costs
Collaborate through settlement strategy discussions to formulate the best solutions for addressing appropriate future medical care 
Integration of Utilization Review/Pre-Authorization decisions and Case Management strategies where applicable


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