Letter from the CEO

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If you didn’t already know, Management Solutions is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is also the home of the University of Tennessee and in the Fall, that means the home of some fantastic SEC (Southeastern Conference) football match-ups.

One of those much anticipated, key games occurred this past Saturday at the infamous Neyland Stadium as the Tennessee Volunteers hosted the crimson tide of the University of Alabama. The much-anticipated game surpassed all the pregame hype, as the nail-biter ended in Tennessee winning with a last second field goal, 52-49.

Of course, as you would expect both teams now say this game was one for the ages. The day after the game, Sunday, CBS announced it was the most watched event of decades with viewership greater than 17M.

As I was overjoyed celebrating the “Vols” victory, I was even more struck by the University of Tennessee, Head football coach, Josh Heupel’s response to all the reporters and national media frenzy. When asked over and over, what this victory meant to him, he said this victory is “for the Tennessee fans, for the players, for the assistant coaches, and for the school.” He even went on to name his assistant coaches and thank them for the sacrifices they make and the time they spend away from their families. This humbleness he exemplified, transcends his team. Shortly after his interview, several of his players were interviewed and these 20-something young men all echoed that message…it takes an entire team to be successful.

So, I wonder…in a world where we are consumed by “I” and rarely do we hear “we,” this coach, at probably the biggest moment in his career, remembered the folks that surrounded and supported him to assist in his team being able to claim victory that night. 

What kind of leader are you? What kind of leaders do you follow? Humility is defined as “freedom from pride and arrogance.” So as we shift into a corporate season of strategic planning and off-sites, preparing to discuss the best path to lead our teams in 2023, I challenge you to lead from a perspective of humility and always remember no one got there alone…it truly takes a village.

Go Vols,


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20 Year Anniversary Recognition

As hopefully you are aware by now, Management Solutions is celebrating twenty years of doing business and supporting clients around the world. As part of this celebration, we have taken time each month to recognize folks that have supported us along the way. This month, I want to celebrate several of our employees that have been with us for most of our journey. 

Rose Echols, an extraordinary Project Controller, was our third employee hired behind Sam and me. She has been an outstanding resource for our company and has had a hugely positive impact on many, many clients. 

Debbie Harb, a jack of all traits in our company, has faithfully served all the Management Solutions staff whether that is completing payroll, invoicing our clients, ordering supplies, answering the phones…you name it, Debbie has done it.

Rita Aycock, another super Project Controller, has quietly but confidently supported some of our key local clients for many, many years. Rita’s gentle spirit has enabled her to successfully navigate some of the most complex projects and teams our country has to offer.

Lastly, Scott Major, is a bit of a unicorn as he can and has played so many key technical roles in our company. It has been an absolute pleasure watching Scott grow and take on a variety of critical roles in his career. He is always willing to help and step up when asked.

What all four of these folks have in common is their willingness to help, roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. To each of you, we say thank you. Thank you for trusting us on this journey and the positive impact you have had on not only us, but the customers you serve.

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Jupiter is usually the third brightest object in the night sky, after the Moon and Venus (only Mars, our next-door neighbor, is occasionally brighter). Throughout October and November, Jupiter can be seen in the evening sky. Jupiter’s signature feature, the “Great Red Spot,” is actually a colossal storm that has been raging on the planet’s surface since at least the 17th century, when it was first seen by telescope. It’s known as the Gas Giant” because although it looks solid, it is made up primarily of gases, such as hydrogen and helium. Source: Almanac.com