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Volume 6, Issue 11
November 2017
Warner Bros. Facing Sexual Harassment Suit by Ex-'Bachelor' Producer
Warner Bros. Entertainment is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former producer of "The Bachelor." The complainant, Becky Steenhoek, alleges that producers of the popular reality show repeatedly asked her questions about her sex life, including questions about how often she masturbated, if her vagina was shaved, whether or not she used sex toys and a multitude of other sexually explicit questions. According to the lawsuit, when she complained, one of the producers allegedly apologized, but also told her, "This is the way of the industry and world we work in." She was allegedly faced with retaliation and subsequently fired. Warner Bros. released a statement that indicated they had investigated the allegations in the lawsuit, but were unable to support the complainant's claims.
Backlash in Wake of Weinstein Harassment Allegations
Earlier this month, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing multiple women over the course of several decades. In the wake of those accusations, a national campaign was started to out other men in power for sexual harassment. Since the Weinstein allegations, several men have either lost their jobs or been accused of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. The following is information on those men and the claims against them:
  • Mark Halperin - accused by five women for sexually harassing them, including forcible kissing and groping the breasts of one woman. 
  • John Besh - accused by 25 women who claim Besh and other male co-workers in the organization sexually harassed them. According to The Times Picayune and, the women described "a corporate culture where sexual harassment flourished." 
  • Robert Scoble - accused by two women who are claiming they were sexually harassed and one woman who claims she was verbally harassed by Scoble. 
  • James Toback - accused by 38 women of sexual harassment in a report by the Los Angeles Times. Since that report, an additional 270 women have come forward with claims similar to those outlined in the report. 
  • Roy Price - accused by Isa Hackett, a producer for Amazon Studios' series, The Man in the High Castle.
  • Terry Richardson - facing sexual harassment claims since 2010
  • Leon Wieseltier - former female New Republic employees have been circulating accusations against Wieseltier since the Weinstein allegations came to light. 
Three Women Seek to Add 8,360 Peers in Lawsuit Against Microsoft
A lawsuit filed against Microsoft Corporation accuses the tech giant of discriminating against women in technical and engineering roles. The suit stands to grow substantially if they win class-action status. Current and former female employees of Microsoft cited instance of male co-workers sexually harassing them and discounting input from them at meetings in affidavits filed with the court. According to the documents, the harassment included male co-workers discussing female co-workers' bodies, staring at their breasts, and organizing a party that included scantily clad women dancing on tables. There are also claims of pay inequality and promotion denial, which Microsoft denies. An internal study in 2016 found that women earned 99.9 cents to the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella acknowledged in a company email that was cited in the lawsuit that the company needed to improve its hiring practices and culture. 
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