Management Update
Volume 3, Issue 11
November 2014
Final Minimum Wage Rules Issued

The Obama Administration has issued regulations requiring companies that do business with the Federal government to pay their workers at least $10.10 per hour with adjustments for inflation in the future. The rule, going into effect on January 1, applies to all contracts for construction covered by the Davis-Bacon Act; contracts for services covered by the Service Contract Act; concessions contracts; and contracts to provide services on Federal property for Federal employees or the general public. 
New FLSA Regulations Delayed Until 2015

The Department of Labor (DOL) has announced it will not meet its November deadline for a proposed rule. This includes anticipated changes to the rules for "white collar" overtime exemption along with several other FLSA-related items. It is unlikely the DOL will have any new regulations in place before next spring, but you should be prepared to reassess your FLSA compliance in the next year.  
Supreme Court has Eight L&E Cases on Docket

The Supreme Court began its term on October 6 with eight Labor and Employment cases on a variety of issues including pension benefits, discrimination, wage and hour, and employee rights. Among these are the decisions on whether the Pregnancy Discrimination Act requires employers to offer pregnant employees workplace accommodations, and whether the DOL must engage in formal rulemaking to makes changes to FLSA regulations. 
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