Manager Monthly
May 2020
ICYMI: Updates from the 'Return to School' Workgroup
As we shared with principals and APs in this Special Edition Leader Weekly , we wanted to make sure all DPS leaders are able to see the recent updates from our educator-led "Return to School" workgroup about the planning for next school year. Please review the communication for a timeline of how the process will develop over the next few weeks; the guiding set of health standards provided to the workgroup by health officials; and links to our Finance Team's report on budget projections and planning for next school year.
Additionally, please visit the new Preparing for Our Return to School in the Fall website
for updates from our workgroup as they explore options for a safe and healthy return to school in 2020-21.

Opportunities for teachers, school leaders and central office team members to share feedback on different return-to-school scenarios will be shared soon.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

Growth, Performance and Training
Year-End Appraisals: Updates and Next Steps for LIFT, CCE and Classified Employees
As we continue to adapt to new working environments and priorities this year, our year-end performance processes have changed. Please see below for information, resources and next steps to complete evaluations for your team.
LIFT and CCE Evaluations
Evaluations should be completed in Infor HR, using a simplified form with no ratings for LIFT employees, and an employee-driven option between an overall rating or no rating for CCE employees. 
Next Steps:
  • Employees complete a self-reflection in Infor HR by June 12, unless managers set an alternative date. The self-reflection is optional, yet strongly recommended. 
  • Employees may request "Other Feedback" (currently known as "Other Rater"). "Other Feedback" is not anonymous and is optional. 
  • Managers complete an end-of-year reflection in Infor throughout June 2020.
  • Host a year-end conversation by July 31.
Classified Employee Evaluations
In collaboration with employee unions and key stakeholders, we have decided that all classified employee evaluations will default to a no rating, with an employee-driven option to receive a rating for 2019-20. Employees will determine prior to or at the start of their end-of-year (EOY) conversation whether they would like to receive a rating. Once the EOY conversation begins, employees will not be able to change their decision about opting in for a rating. Completing a self-evaluation is optional yet strongly recommended.
Next Steps:
Managers and classified employees will complete the Classified Evaluation Form as part of their year-end conversation by July 31 .
Help Navigating Job Description Process
Even in the current hiring landscape, we know there are still situations that may call for a job description adjustment. W e want to make sure Team DPS knows job descriptions are now maintained in PayFactors, a job description management module, and provide the following as a quick resource.
For updating an existing job:
  • Notify HR partner with the job name and information needing changes. Others can also now be added to the editing process.
  • Your HR partner will initiate the routing flow and send a link to an editable PayFactors job description. 

To create new jobs: 
  • Follow the job evaluation process on The Commons, and your HR partner will send you a link to an editable PayFactors template.
  • Evaluations can take up to 10 days, and approved job descriptions are necessary for posting.

For assistance determining job titles or using PayFactors, please reference  DPS job titles guide  and  Payfactors Job Description Guide . If you have questions, please contact .  
ICYMI: Start Collaborating with Your Google Champion
As you know, Team DPS is moving exclusively to the Google Suite (G Suite) to increase collaboration across teams, schools and the community.
As the school year wraps up, let Google help! Encourage your team to u s e this time to begin "digital spring cleaning" by going through files and documents in both their individual and shared folders. Old files should be deleted and relevant files should be moved to Google Drive with appropriate sharing settings , keeping in mind vital student data privacy information .  
Looking ahead, we encourage you to work with your Google Champion and take advantage of these resources:
Not sure whether you r team has a Google Champion? Review this list -- and if your team or department is listed on the second tab, please identify a team member who is comfortable with Google and will support and champion the transition with your team, then have them complete this form . Find additional information on what a Google Champion is and the supports they will receive here .
Talent Acquisition
Top Candidates for Essential Positions
As you know, central office is currently undergoing a hiring freeze while we consider our budget for next year. While some positions have been canceled, a handful remain open to hire as they are considered essential. If you are a manager with an approved open position on your team or a position in the pipeline, Talent Acquisition has a list of qualified candidates for you to consider. These candidates come highly recommended and their experience ranges from project management to curriculum design. Check out  this month’s top candidates  and their resumes.

If you have questions or would like to schedule time to talk with a candidate, contact  Mari Shepler   or  Nicole Kramis .
Updates & FYI
Years-of-Service Anniversary Pins Delayed
Every year in May, eligible DPS team members receive a pin for years of service, recognized in five-year increments. Due to current health restrictions, anniversary pins will be sent out to all schools and departments once we are back in our buildings. In the meantime, team members celebrating a milestone anniversary for the 2019-20 school year will be receiving a virtual "anniversary card" from Superintendent Susana Cordova. If you have questions about the program, email .
Reminder: New Process for Purchasing Technology
Beginning May 1 , DPS will no longer use Dell Computer for technology purchases. Instead, we will now be ordering from DHE Computer Systems, Inc. Please share this information with anyone on your team who has purchasing responsibilities.

Requisitions will follow the "punch out" process, which has the look and feel of an online shopping experience. To access the new DHE order page, simply log in to the requisition center as usual.

Find complete instructions for this simplified process on the Requisition Center/Purchase Order page on The Commons. To request a quote for DHE products, email Merry Hammack at . If you have additional questions, email .
ICYMI: Join the District Accountability Committee 
As a member of DPS, you're invited to apply to join the District Accountability Committee (DAC), which aims to help improve DPS by advising the Board of Education on the adequacy and cost effectiveness of educational programs and policies. The DAC is open to DPS parents, staff and community members who are interested in advancing our schools and helping ensure Every Child Succeeds. Benefits of joining the committee include:

  • Insight into key district initiatives.
  • Networking opportunities with other community leaders.
  • Opportunity to provide recommendations directly to the Board of Education.

If you would like more information, please see this application and click here for bilingual information.
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