February 2018
Support Your Teams: 403(b) Changes are Coming Soon
After a comprehensive review of our 403(b) and 457 plans, DPS has decided to consolidate our multiple-vendor model to a single-vendor model. We have selected VALIC as our sole plan provider, effective July 1. By doing business with a single vendor, DPS is helping employees save on participant paid administrative fees and investment fund management fees. This change will also improve the quality and accountability of the education and consultation provided, making it easier for you to plan for retirement and manage your investments.

We have heard from team members that they don't understand their vendor or investment options or the fees associated with each choice. Partnering with VALIC means cost savings for team members, higher-quality, more personalized consulting and educational opportunities, and fewer workplace interruptions. It also means simplified retirement planning for employees; lower and more transparent fees and improved services to employees; focus on education and planning; and less overlap of funds.

Next steps
  • Register for a 30-minute webinar, "Your 403b/457 Responsibilities as a Leader," presented by DPS Total Rewards. This is an opportunity to learn more about the change and ask any questions you have. Click the date and time below to register:
  • If you would like a VALIC representative to come to your building, please sign up  here . Representatives will be available to be on-site for an entire day, Tuesday-Thursday, during the months of March and April to meet with DPS team members and answer their questions.
Town halls will also be hosted in March. Stay tuned to upcoming newsletters and thecommons.dpsk12.org/403b for more information. 
Growth, Performance and Training
LIFT and CCE Leaders: Schedule Norming Sessions Now with Your HR Partner
Schedule norming sessions now with your HR partner to prepare for year-end appraisals. Norming sessions for LIFT and the Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) should occur May 15-June 15. Norming is an important process that ensures more effective, data-driven evaluations and equitable results. 

The focus of norming is to ensure a consistent application of our rating scale within and across teams, rather than debating individual performance. All employees eligible for LIFT and the CCE should be normed. Complete the norming process quickly and efficiently by hosting norming sessions for your entire department over the course of one or two days. Talk with your HR partner to learn more about the process and to schedule your session.
LIFT and CCE Leaders: Schedule Formal Feedback Meetings in March
In addition to scheduling norming sessions with HR partners (see above), you should schedule performance feedback meetings with your LIFT and Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) team members March 12-23.
The purpose of feedback is to help people succeed. As a leader, providing feedback is one of your core responsibilities. What should you cover during March feedback meetings?
  • Check in with your team members about their personal and professional development. Are there any  DPS Skills classes  they can attend?
  • Look at the  LIFT  and  CCE  competencies, and discuss how team members demonstrate those competencies and what impact they have on their work.
  • Discuss team members' progress toward achieving goals and, if applicable, adjust goals as needed.
  • Celebrate accomplishments. 
  • Ask how you can support them in their work and address any barriers or roadblocks.
Get  HIP tips for giving feedback  or, for more information, visit the  LIFT  and  CCE  websites.   
LIFT Off to Leadership: Total Rewards and Compensation Resources are Available
LIFT Off to Leadership materials and resources are available for all DPS people leaders. Find 10-minute modules on Total Rewards and compensation, and the manager's role in compensation, on the LIFT Off Flight Plan page under As-Needed Activities.

Can you think of something you found challenging to learn as a new DPS leader? Suggest a new course or resource for the LIFT Off to Leadership program. If you have suggestions or questions, email LIFTOff@dpsk12.org.
Talent Acquisition
Review Changes for Hiring Internal Candidates
Human Resources heard your feedback and is rolling out a new, simplified paperless process for internal reference checks to make it consistent with the external reference check process -- and more importantly, easier for you!

Beginning March 12, when you move an internal candidate to the "qualify" step in Infor HR, the candidate's current manager will receive an email from our third-party vendor, Skill Survey, to complete a reference check online. When the current manager responds, you will receive an email with a link to the reference. HR will review references for red flags and will fill out the reference check attestation for managers, meaning you will no longer have to fill out the attestation. Check out the  step-by-step guide  to help navigate this process. For managers in Transportation, Facilities, Enterprise Management and Extended Learning, your HR partner will contact you with additional information.
Hiring Tip: Respond Quickly to Applicants
Unemployment in Colorado is only  2.3%. That's why  it's critical to respond to applicants in a timely manner, particularly when  hiring for hard-to-staff positions. When you post a position, schedule time to review candidates  at a minimum of  three times a week. If you know you won't consider some candidates,  immediately  send a letter notifying them they aren't being considered for the position. Encourage them to apply to other open positions for which they may be more qualified. 

Every applicant is a potential future hire. They also share with others their experience applying to DPS. That's why it's important we make applicants feel respected.  Response time has a tremendous impact on our recruiting efforts. 
Updates & FYI
Nominate an Amazing Team or Teammate for a Night of Honor Award
Is there someone on your team who goes above and beyond to live our Shared Core Values? Or do you work with a team that always uses Equity to put Students First? Celebrate outstanding teammates and teams by submitting a nomination for a Night of Honor award:
  • Leadership Lamp Award: Our most distinguished award honoring our Shared Core Values champions (four awards total).
  • Excellence in Team Award: High-performing teams making a difference (teams of 3-12; four awards total).
  • Living Our DPS: Honoring the actions of individuals living one of our Shared Core Values (up to 50 awards total).
Also, nominate a DPS parent or family who is making a positive impact in their school communities for the Family Leadership Award, to be presented at an upcoming Superintendent Parent Forum.

Nominations are due March 23. Questions? Call 720-423-2495 or email Our_DPSValues@dpsk12.org.

Send Team Members to the Final Creating Connections Program of the Semester
Have all of your team members attended the Creating Connections program? Bring up the opportunity to attend our final session of the year during upcoming goal conversations. Recommended for all team members, this one-day, off-site program provides the opportunity to create a personal action plan, make the connection between work responsibilities and our Shared Core Values, and participate in team building activities. Click  here  for more information on how to register for the  March 21 session.
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