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Sept. 16, 2020
Announcing Department Changes in Academics
In order to realize our vision of becoming an Equity school district and our collective commitment to prioritize culturally and linguistically responsive education in DPS, the Academics Division has made some adjustments to their team structure. The C&I and CRE teams are being combined to create one department: the Culturally Sustaining Curriculum and Instruction Department. Additionally, the ELA Department will become the Multilingual Education Department (MLE).

Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Department
It is imperative that we share the responsibility for culturally responsive education to ensure that each and every teacher has the resources needed to support each and every DPS student and break the historical patterns of inequity that exist within DPS. Please click here to read the team's Vision Statement, and here to read the announcement that was sent to team members in the Academics Division.

Multilingual Education Department (MLE)
This change aims to continue to build on the work that has already been established as we strive towards our goal of every DPS student graduating bilingual and biliterate. The MLE Department's focus will be on the asset of being a multilingual and linguistically diverse student, instead of focusing solely on acquiring English. While we will continue to work to ensure that our students become English proficient, we will enthusiastically celebrate their native languages and cultures. We recognize the unique stories and voices of our multilingual students and honor them by calling them Multilingual Learners (MLLs). As part of this transition, World Languages will join the MLE Department. Click here to read the entire announcement that was shared with the Academics Division.
Updates & FYI
Student Data Privacy and Mandatory Reporter Training Report Now Available
Please remind your team that all team members are required to take two mandatory trainings by Oct. 2: Student Data Privacy (taken once) and Mandatory Reporter (taken once per year). To access a report on your staff’s completion, please click here. Please note that this report will show direct reports for a supervisor.

For questions on:
Next Steps for Google Transition
Continue pressing on to prepare for your team's Google Launch date (early October is suggested) and the full Microsoft Uninstall (set districtwide for Dec. 11). The following steps, taken from the Leaders' Guide to the Google Transition, can help:

  • Check in with your Google Champion(s), empowering them to prioritize this work and providing necessary support.

  • Work with your Google Champion(s) to identify and support those experiencing challenges with this transition.

  • Continue to identify (by Sept. 30) anything that might be considered for an exception to use Microsoft Office. 

For additional information and resources, visit The Commons.
Talent Acquisition
Virtual Hiring Best Practices
Hiring during COVID-19 has created a new virtual hiring reality. To support our managers, the Talent Acquisition team has developed some Tips for Remote Hiring that includes guidance on conducting video job interviews and structuring virtual panel interviews.
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