December 2017
CollaboRATE Kicks Off Jan. 3: Engage Your Teams
On Jan. 3, all DPS team members will receive the CollaboRATE survey, an opportunity for team members to provide confidential feedback on their leaders and DPS as a whole. Please schedule time for your team members and provide them with computer access to make sure they participate in CollaboRATE Jan. 3-12. 

School-support team members will be asked to answer a number of questions about "MY DEPARTMENT." Each leader should inform their teams before the survey goes out about how to interpret "MY DEPARTMENT" for the purpose of the survey. Use this email template to clarify with your team.

For a general overview of the survey and FAQs, visit
Growth, Performance and Training
Mid-Year: Check in on Goals for LIFT-Eligible Team Members
It's mid-year, so take this opportunity to schedule time with your LIFT-eligible team members to:
Check out the  LIFT website  for step-by-step guides on how to complete goal-related processes in Infor HR.
Leaders of SSPs: Schedule Mid-Year Conversations
Mid-year conversations with specialized service providers (SSPs) should take place in January and February. This is an opportunity for SSPs to provide managers with updates on the services being provided to students, and for managers to discuss preliminary ratings, feedback on effectiveness and next steps on how to improve performance.  During this conversation, managers of SSPs should:
  • Review progress in relation to agreements made in the beginning-of-year conversation.
  • Review feedback on the SSP's performance behaviors in the  SSP framework for professional practice
  • Reflect on strengths, growth areas and next steps for the SSP's development, and discuss how the manager can support growth throughout the year. 
  • Review observations and data points to ensure they match the agreed-on plan, and finalize a plan for the next few months. 
  • Review Student Learning Objective student growth data. 
Conversations are not recorded in Infor HR at mid-year; however, managers can use the  SSP Conversation Trackers  throughout the year.
Supports for Building Your Team
LIFT Leaders: Pick Up a Copy of 'For Your Improvement' Today
"For Your Improvement" supports leaders in reflecting on opportunities for growth and development, building development plans for their teams and much more. 
"For Your Improvement" is a resource that includes 67 targeted competencies that align with many LIFT competencies.  As part of DPS' investment in building great leaders, "For Your Improvement" has been purchased to ensure that managers of people currently participating in LIFT have a developmental resource for growing great leaders.
Leaders will find this book valuable for their own development, and the development of leadership and LIFT behaviors for their team.  To reserve a copy, email  lift@dpsk12.orgVisit the  "For Your Improvement" page  and click  here  for more information on how this resource can assist with performance conversations.
Encourage Team Members to Register for Creating Connections on Jan. 24

Do you have team members who haven't yet attended the Creating Connections program? Encourage them to sign up for the  Jan. 24 program  before leaving for winter break. Attendees will have the opportunity to start 2018 with a refresher on our mission, vision and values, create a personal credo and practice team building with team members from across the district. For registration information, click  here .
Talent Acquisition
Use the Scorecard Generator for Legal, LIFT-Aligned Interview Questions
The Scorecard Generator is a tool that produces LIFT-aligned interview questions and streamlines the interview process. It's easy to use and ensures you ask questions that are legal and the same for every candidate. To use the Scorecard Generator:
  1. Select two questions per LIFT driver that align closest to the competencies needed for the vacant role. 
  2. After you select questions, click "Finished Selecting Questions" and enter your email address.
  3. Your customized scorecard will be emailed to you within one hour of submitting your selection.
  4. If you experience any issues, reach out to your recruiting contact. 
Click here for the Phone Screen Generator and here for the Panel Scorecard Generator. 
Updates & FYI
Use Infor HR to See Compensation Details for Direct Reports
You have access to compensation details for your direct reports in Infor HR.  In  Manager Space , use the "Adjust Compensation" dropdown menu to view the "Compensation Analysis" screen. There, you'll see position numbers, pay rates, FTEs, start dates and years of service for all of your direct reports on one screen.

You can also use the "My Staff" dropdown to access additional compensation details on your direct reports, such as annual salary, salary range, pay rate history and more!  To learn more about using Infor HR in your role  as a leader, click  here .
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